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series: Understanding the Bible Commentary Series

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Each volume in the Understanding the Bible Commentary Series breaks down the barriers between the ancient and modern worlds so that the power and meaning of the biblical texts become transparent to contemporary readers. They present a careful section-by-section exposition of the biblical books with key terms and phrases highlighted and all Hebrew transliterated. Notes at the close of each chapter provide additional textual and technical comments for those who want to dig deeper. A bibliography as well as Scripture and subject indexes are also included. Pastors, students, and Bible teachers will find in this series a commitment to accessibility without sacrificing serious scholarship.

The book of 1 and 2 Samuel tell the story of an important time in Israel's history--the beginning of the monarchy under Saul and the rise and reign of King David. It's a story of individual people as they relate to God. It's also a story of politics and, as this commentary shows, the dynamics of power, including its use and abuse.


"The commentary by Mary J. Evans on the books of Samuel, based on the NIV, is clearly cognizant of the issues being debated in biblical studies today and presents its findings in a very accessible format. Evans focuses on politics, human character, and the relationship between God's purposes for Israel and the failure of the people to live in obedience to God's will. In her view, the books of Samuel are an examination of and a reflection on the nature, accession, use, and abuse of power."
--Ralph W. Klein, Christ Seminary-Seminex Professor of Old Testament, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

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  1. Mary J. Evans

    Mary J. Evans

    Mary J. Evans is lecturer in Old Testament and director of the Christian Life and Ministry course at the London Bible College. Her publications include Women in the Bible and Prophets of the Lord, and she is an editor of the Study Bible for...

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"This commentary will be of use to readers for whom larger commentaries are out of reach, to Bible school teachers, and to ministers who want a quick overview of the text and some interaction with contemporary scholarship."--Restoration Quarterly