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A book club resource exchange

Dear book group coordinators, book group members, and everyone who enjoys reading and talking about books,

Welcome to our new and improved An Open Book home page! Our goal is to become your trusted resource for information about quality, discussion-friendly inspirational books. We want to give you tools to select books that would be perfect for your group, and provide easily accessible discussion guides, food and entertainment suggestions, inside information about our authors, assistance in setting up author teleconferences, etc.

We also want to encourage a sense of community by pooling ideas from your collective creative genius and sharing them with other groups on this site. For starters we are looking for more food and entertainment suggestions. The ideas should have a direct tie-in to a specific Bethany House novel and should be usable in a typical home- or church-based book group setting. We may post your idea to this site, and if you send a photo and/or the name of your group, we will be sure to give you credit. Email me any time at

If you are the coordinator of a book group, be sure to check out our special program just for you by clicking on "Book Club Coordinator Registration."

Happy Reading!

Noelle Buss
Marketing Manager—Fiction

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