What does "Short Run" refer to when it is listed under a book's status?

To provide better service to retailers and authors requesting specialty backlist titles, Baker Publishing Group has initiated a program to offer selected books through our "Short Run" service. For these designated books, we will maintain all titles in stock at all times. Rather than using this service for special orders only, we can now allow anyone to purchase "Short Run" titles the easy way: just pick up the phone and order them, as for any other Baker book, by calling 1-800-877-2665.

However, there will be some differences. "Short Run" books will be prepared on a digital printer, so they will not resemble previous editions of the same title. Only paperback formates will be available. The covers are text only, black on grey paper, with a gloss laminate for added durability. The interior pages will resemble the previous editions, although any photographs will be reduced in quality. The binding will match the strength and duration of standard paperbacks.

For all OP and OSI books, please e-mail specific requests to Greg Stevens at the Baker retail store.