Your Sons and Daughters Shall Prophesy

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Therefore, my brethren, desire earnestly to prophesy... (1 Cor. 14:39).

Was Paul addressing only the Corinthian Christians, or does his admonition hold true for the church today? Does the voice of God speak directly and specifically to this generation?

With a resounding yes, longtime pastor and international speaker Ernest B. Gentile shows that the apostles intended prophecy to continue as a vital function in the ongoing development of the church. In twenty-three carefully laid out chapters, Your Sons and Daughters Shall Prophesy presents the scriptural background and theoretical concepts behind prophecy, interspersed with personal observations, firsthand accounts, and practical suggestions.

This thorough yet readable study on prophecy skillfully bridges the gap between scholarly analysis and popular presentation. Each chapter concludes with a page of insightful quotations from popular writers and pastoral leaders. Teachers and students, as well as anyone with an interest in prophecy, will find all the information they need to explore this crucial and sometimes controversial subject. Nine charts and graphs, three appendixes, indexes, and an extensive bibliography are included.


"Your Sons and Daughters Shall Prophecy by Ernest Gentile has been in the making for several decades. It has been my joy to walk along side this great prophet of God and outstanding pastor for nearly thirty years. The timing of this book is God-ordained. Today there is great concern about the prophetic and its checks and balances as well as the prophet's ministry. Though there are a number of books on the subject, this book is one of the most balanced and proven that I have read. Ernest Gentile has not only taught this in his life and ministry, but he has practiced it. Every pastor should have this book in their library and it will become a textbook for Bible colleges and seminaries throughout the world. I highly recommend this to every believer, but especially ever leader in the body of Christ. It is outstanding and it will be profound in its impact on this subject."
--Rev. Dick Iverson, chairman, Ministers Fellowship International

"Ernest Gentile speaks from a lifetime of ministry as a veteran pastor, a well-traveled conference speaker, and one who understands the prophetic ministry from personal involvement. Your Sons and Daughters Shall Prophesy will be a resource you will reach for in sermon preparation and lessons on all areas of prophecy. It is a well-documented and a scholarly approach to a charismatic subject. Well done, Ernest!"
--Frank Damazio, senior pastor, City Bible Church

"Ernest Gentile's new book takes a distinguished place in the very top category of literature on the how and why of prophecy today. As a pastor, Ernest is better able than others to raise and answer the most crucial questions asked by those moving in prophetic ministries. This will be a standard textbook in the field."
--C. Peter Wagner, chancellor, Wagner Leadership Institute

"Ernest Gentile is a man who has walked out a relevant message that deeply touches the heart of the Church. I recommend this book knowing the Holy Spirit will use it to impart deeper passion for Jesus in the lives of all believers, especially prophetically gifted people, and confidence, along with practical instruction, in how prophetic people can be used by the Holy Spirit. I encourage pastors and small group leaders, and all others committed to equipping the saints for ministry, to read this book to glean practical insight for impacting those under their care. Ernest is an authentic man of God who lives what he preaches, and writes out of living experience in the local church."
--Mike Bickle, ministry director, Friends of the Bridegroom, senior pastor, Metro Christian Fellowship of Kansas City

The Author

  1. Ernest B. Gentile

    Ernest B. Gentile

    Ernest B. Gentile has been active in ministry for more than 55 years, including 41 years as a pastor. A frequent speaker and the author of six books, Gentile earned his M.A. in biblical theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. He serves on the Apostolic Leadership...

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"Impressive in its scope, examining the broad biblical concept of prophecy and prophets, this book demands a serious reading by people interested in the dynamics of spiritual gifts in today's church. ... Carefully constructed."--CBA Marketplace (July 1999)

"The book is a needed and welcome addition to the many other books on this subject. It needs to be on every Pentecostal preacher's reading list."--Issachar File(September 1999)