You Set My Spirit Free

A 40-Day Journey in the Company of John of the Cross

series: Rekindling the Inner Fire

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Rekindling the Inner Fire

Writings that touch the pure-flaming heart of God ? from the men and women who walked with Him through the ages ? guiding into a deeper friendship with the "Father of Lights."

John of the Cross (1549-1591) was one of the brightest spiritual lights of the dark and tumultuous 1500s. His teaching led thousands to inner freedom from "the dark night of the soul"--the state of spiritual blindness in which most of us live our days, unaware that God is right beside us, in love, in freeing power. Through great opposition and danger, John taught countless men and women how to find freedom in the Spirit.

John's words and deep understanding of spiritual truth will also help you find a richer experience of God, leading you to:

Treasured and classic writings that have had a profound impact on the church down through the ages.

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  1. John of the Cross

    John of the Cross

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  2. David Hazard
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    David Hazard

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