You of Little Faith

How Bold Giving Leads to Great Blessing

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You may be surprised and uncomfortable to learn that there is one thing that's hurting your personal spiritual growth more than anything else: your unwillingness to give more than you're giving right now. On average, Americans give away just 3% of their income to churches and charitable causes. Perhaps you pull back because of fear that you won't have enough. Or you may feel resentful that you are asked to give at all. Either way, the result is the same and the one suffering most because of it is you.

In You of Little Faith, pastor Ryan Thomas isn't afraid to talk about the most taboo subject in the church--money. Drawing from a multitude of biblical passages and contemporary examples, he will convince you that giving aggressively and extravagantly, beyond what you ever thought reasonable or possible, will unlock God's blessing in your life and community and strengthen your faith in a way that nothing else can.


"What could be more countercultural than a Wall Street church that chooses generosity over greed and God over money year after year? In the mecca of materialism lies an oasis of liberality--a place where Christ followers are modeling revolutionary giving in a culture consumed with getting. And yet, as they have blessed others, God has kept his promises to bless them. The root of the word miserable is miser. The stingier you are, the more unhappy you will be. But if you learn to trust God's promises and become big-hearted and openhanded with what God has given you, you'll have more joy than you ever imagined. If you want to be truly happy, here is the guidebook."

Rick Warren, founder and senior pastor of Saddleback Church and author of The Purpose Driven Life

"As I've gotten to know Ryan, I've been struck by how alive God feels in both his life and his church. The principles in this book explain why. I believe God will use You of Little Faith to awaken and liberate many toward the kind of generosity that can radically change our lives, our churches, and our world."

Todd Proctor, strategic church networks director of Alpha USA

"This is a breathtaking--and necessary--book. Whenever I hear or read Ryan Thomas teach on faith-based giving, I am filled with courage and challenged to live into the kind of faith I've always wanted--one that believes in a big God who can do great things with small acts of faithfulness. Be prepared to have your faith stirred by You of Little Faith--mine certainly was in profound ways."

Drew Hyun, founding pastor of Hope Churches NYC

The Authors

  1. Ryan Thomas Holladay

    Ryan Thomas Holladay

    Ryan Thomas Holladay is the senior pastor of Lower Manhattan Community Church in downtown New York City. When he began as pastor less than a decade ago, the offerings totaled about $150,000 a year. Now they are over $3 million, allowing the church to give...

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  2. Ryan Thomas

    Ryan Thomas

    Ryan Thomas Holladay (writing as Ryan Thomas) grew up in California and was educated at Wheaton College (BA Philosophy), Union Theological Seminary (MA Theology), and NYU School of Law (JD). He then served as the lead pastor of Lower Manhattan Community Church...

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