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The time has come for Christian women to embrace the destiny God has planned for them from the beginning, a plan Cindy Jacobs uncovers in this revised edition of her popular book Women of Destiny. Readers will find a biblical and balanced approach to gender issues and relationships, as well as trustworthy guidance for finding their ultimate purpose. This breakthrough book has empowered a generation of Spirit-filled women to take the path of freedom and reconciliation, where they work for the kingdom side by side with men. Now a new generation of women can serve God in the fullness of their unique identity.


Women of Destiny is one of the most anointed, inspirational, and informative books I have ever read--period. Every pastor should read this outstanding book.

Ché Ahn, president, Harvest International Ministry, Pasadena, California

Cindy Jacobs brings clarity and insight to the controversy surrounding a woman's place in ministry. Delicately, yet boldly, she presents a fresh, historical, and biblical interpretation of God's Word on the issues facing today's woman of destiny.

Beth Alves, president, Increase International, Bulverde, Texas

I can't think of anyone more qualified today to write about the importance of women in ministry than Cindy Jacobs. Women of Destiny lays a solid theological basis for women in ministry and will encourage thousands to join in the harvest.

John Arnott, Sr., founding pastor and president, Catch the Fire, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Cindy Jacobs has written a powerful book that will impact the whole church, particularly in its attitudes toward women in ministry. I highly recommend Women of Destiny to men as well as women, especially to pastors who can strategically encourage gifted women to become all that God has destined them to be.

Luis Bush, international facilitator, Transform World Connections

In Women of Destiny, Cindy Jacobs handles sensitive controversies with wisdom and love. She deals with practical issues in a straightforward manner and addresses spiritual issues with confidence and authority. Her book lays another foundation stone in the road for women who would find and live out their biblical destiny.

Frank Damazio, senior pastor, City Bible Church, Portland, Oregon

Every woman who is struggling with God's call on her life should read Women of Destiny. Every man who questions a woman's call need only read it with an open heart and mind. A vital contribution to the literature of gender reconciliation, this book is biblically sound and long-awaited.

Joseph L. Garlington, Sr., chairman, Reconciliation! Ministries International, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Women of Destiny is destined to greatly bless the body of Christ. Of all that has been written or said on the subject, Cindy Jacobs comes closest to expressing God's true thoughts concerning His own creation called "woman." Thank you, Cindy, for lovingly and boldly colaboring with Christ in setting all of God's creation free.

Bill Hamon, founder and president, Christian International Ministries Network, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

As the Holy Spirit labors over the church to bring forth reconciliation among believers, our focus has been on racial or denominational issues that separate God's people. All the while, however, the greatest single issue of unbiblical discrimination has been the widespread posturing against women in ministry. Cindy Jacobs's voice deserves to be heard--and taken seriously. It just may be another gentle whisper of the Spirit saying, "Open your hearts wider."

Jack W. Hayford, founding pastor, The Church On The Way, Van Nuys, California; president, The Kings University, Los Angeles, California

Women of Destiny is bursting with passion for people and for the advance of the kingdom of God. Women will be affirmed and men will be challenged. I am grateful for Cindy's contribution to the growing body of literature on gender equality in Christian ministry and leadership.

Dr. Gary D. Kinnaman, author and speaker, Gilbert, Arizona

Women of Destiny is an open door of opportunity for the church. Step through and relearn what God's plan for every woman has always been. Cindy Jacobs provides illustrations from Scripture, history, and her own personal life to illuminate God's desire for His daughters.

Dennis D. Lindsay, president, Christ for the Nations, Dallas, Texas

In Women of Destiny, Cindy Jacobs bares her soul and shares her own struggles in answering God's call on her life into ministry. She speaks to women in the pews--those who may not take the time or have the inclination to study the theological questions regarding the role of women in ministry--and encourages them to accept God's call on their lives.

Lorry Lutz, author and senior associate of Women of Global Action, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Cindy Jacobs has done it again! She has produced what we're sure will become a classic--a book that releases women to the higher destinies for which God has created them.

John and Paula Sandford, founders, Elijah House, Post Falls, Idaho

In Women of Destiny, Cindy Jacobs has dared to bring up the "woman" issue, which churches have swept under the carpet for generations. Fine-tuned through careful research, she has written a classic that should be read by men as well as women. It's liberating for both sexes.

Quin Sherrer, author of A Mother's Guide to Praying for Your Children and A Woman's Guide to Spiritual Warfare

We loved this book! Women of Destiny gives scholarly answers to questions about the role of women in ministry. This timely book is critical to the church as it moves into the twenty-first century.

Eddie and Alice Smith, cofounder and president, U.S. Prayer Center; cofounder and executive direction, U.S. Prayer Center, Houston, Texas

In Women of Destiny, Cindy Jacobs writes with passion about the biblical case for women in ministry. This is an important book.

Vinson Synan, dean emeritus, School of Divinity, Regent University, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Women of Destiny is an honest, insightful, and scripturally sound book that erases any need for women to view themselves as second-class citizens in the church.

Iverna Tompkins, author, speaker, and cofounder, Women of the Word, Phoenix, Arizona

God has a wonderful plan for every woman. Cindy Jacobs helps women to throw off the shackles of despair, discouragement, guilt, and shame to walk in the freedom that God has designed for them.

Elmer L. Towns, author of What's Right with the Church and Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough; vice president and dean, School of Religion, Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia

In a day when there is considerable confusion over gender issues in the church and in the home, Cindy Jacobs cuts through the fog like a spiritual laser beam. No other book I know on this subject matches the superb combination of biblical and pastoral integrity of Women of Destiny.

C. Peter Wagner, author of Praying with Power and Your Spiritual Gifts Can Help Your Church Grow; former professor, Fuller Theological Seminary, Colorado Springs, Colorado

With balance, sensitivity, wisdom and integrity, Cindy Jacobs brings great insight to a very controversial subject. Lay aside your paradigm for a time and allow Women of Destiny to further enlighten you to God's plan for all of us--both women and men.

Dutch Sheets, author of The River of God and Intercessory Prayer; director, Christ for the Nations Institute, Dallas, Texas

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