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Sharing Jesus with a Muslim Friend

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Reaching Muslim Women with the Good News
Like many women in the Church, Joy Loewen didn't fully understand Muslim women or their roles in the Muslim culture and religion. In fact, she was afraid of them and not particularly interested in befriending them. But with prayer, wisdom, and a lot of love, Joy overcame these obstacles, found that she actually liked them, and that many of these women are irresistibly attracted to the love of Jesus. For the last thirty years she has used this knowledge to build authentic connections with Muslim women, reaching out to them in a sensitive, effective way.

In this practical and very personal book, Joy shares not only her insights into befriending Muslim women, but many helpful stories from her own experiences. Her goal is to help readers "move from fear to love and compassion" so that they, too, can love as Christ does. Woman to Woman is essential reading for Christian leaders, ministries, and any layperson who wants to grow in love for and  understanding of Muslims.


"This is such an important book. Five words come to mind: Important. Urgent. Visionary. Relevant. Grace-awakened. Please don't get one; get ten and get them into hands of friends."
--George Verwer, founder, Operation Mobilization

"There is nothing so compelling as a true story. Through the author's countless connections with Muslim women, the reader is given an insider's view of both the difficulty of Muslim women coming to faith in Christ and of their increasing responsiveness--especially as we in the West befriend them as Joy does. Warning: Do not read this book if you want to remain in the comfort zone of bypassing your Muslim neighbor."
--David Lundy, D.Min., international director, Arab World Ministries

"This is a must-read for you who want to introduce your Muslim friends to Jesus. You will read it over and over because Joy Loewen not only includes fantastic how-to's from her experiences in Pakistan (where we were co-workers) and in reaching out to Muslim friends here in North America, but she shares personal stories of how God led her step by step. In my epilogue to Begum Bilquis Sheikh's story in I Dared to Call Him Father, I emphasize how important it is to honor our Muslim friends. In this book Joy shows us how to love them into the Kingdom. Enjoy and learn!"
--Synnove Mitchell, long-time missionary to Pakistan

"Riveting, with every page and story smelling of gunsmoke and lavender. From story to story she guides her women friends as they taste the salt and see the light of Christ. She also crams the book with practical illustrations. This book is more than delightful; it is a must-read for men as well as women. Why? If we fail to grasp the message of this book, we will never really understand Muslims or their culture. So whatever good books are on your reading list, move this one to the front. It will be worth it!"
--Ed Hoskins, M.D., Ph.D., author, A Muslim's Heart

"Muslim women will shape the next generation of Muslims. Read this book and reach out and connect with one of them, and let her see the beauty of Jesus in you."
--Nabeel T. Jabbour, Th.D., author, The Crescent through the Eyes of the Cross

"This book shares the feelings of many Christian women who long to be understood by their Muslim friends. The book challenges the reader to take bold steps in humility to share Christ's love. Excellent material from a seasoned practitioner whose life long goal has been to bring the Gospel to Muslim women. I believe this book will revolutionize our approaches in reaching the Muslim women with the genuine love of Christ."
--Samuel Naaman, D.Miss., Department of World Missions and Evangelism, Moody Bible Institute, Chicago

The Author

  1. Joy Loewen

    Joy Loewen

    Joy Loewen works with a parachurch mission organization that reaches out to Muslims. The daughter of missionary parents, she has lived in Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Pakistan, the U.S., and Canada, and has spent 30 years in Muslim ministry. Joy speaks...

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