With One Voice

Discovering Christ’s Song in Our Worship

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From David and Jesus to Bach and the Blues Brothers

Wait. What do the Blues Brothers have in common with King David? The connection lies not simply in the fact that they are all musicians, says author Reggie Kidd, but in the reasons they sing in the first place.

With One Voice examines the rich heritage of the music of God's people to show how song is woven into Scripture's story, carrying believers into deeper relationship with God and with his purposes in redemption.

More than a mere ornament of worship, music brings the worshiper into the company of the Savior. Through this exploration of music and song, join Jesus as he sings the lament of Psalm 22 on the cross and then conducts the "great assembly" upon his resurrection. On the way, discover Christ in the voices of David, Paul, Bach, the Blues Brothers--and possibly yourself.


"Some books on worship deal with biblical principles, others with the believer's experience of singing. Still others try to combine these in one way or other. But With One Voice is unique in the way it integrates these. It reaches deep into the history and theology of Scripture to show what it was like then to sing from the heart to God and how that experience can be ours today. In this volume, Kidd shows us 'why our relationship with God can be deepened through song.' This is a deeply moving book and an antidote to worship wars."--Dr. John Frame, professor of systematic theology and philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary

"Finally Reggie has put in print the doxological riches he has poured into his students over many years of faithful service as a seminary professor and skilled practitioner. My friend of three decades writes with credibility and creativity because he is a lead worshipper before he is a worship leader. Thank you, Reggie, for reminding us that Jesus is the center, song, means, and end of our most consuming and privileged calling--the worship of the living God."--Scotty Smith, senior pastor, Christ Community Church, Franklin, Tennessee; author, Objects of His Affection

"Here we have a thorough biblical theology of song--but far more. Dr. Kidd provides pastors, church musicians, and culture watchers with an insightful study of the many diverse voices that converge as the body of Christ finds its 'heart language' for singing the truth of the gospel as we respond to our Singing Savior. From Bach's Mass in B minor to U2, from the Gaithers to Caedmon's Call, from Anglican psalmody to the simplest of American folk hymns, from the sinner's lament to the exuberant praises of the redeemed, Kidd unfolds a vibrant, multi-colored tapestry of faith-building, life-shaping artistic expression. Like a docent at a fine museum, he explains the treasures from the archives, but also helps the reader to understand the message of today's innovators.
"With One Voice has helped me to understand more deeply that our songs of faith resonate most fully--most Christianly--when believing communities draw on the strengths of high culture, folk culture, and popular culture (Bach, Bubba, and the Blues Brothers). As I grow in intimacy with the Savior, I understand the joys and blessings of deferring to the needs and preferences of my brothers and sisters."--Carl Stam, director, Institute for Christian Worship, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Having spent many years of my life in the Christian music field, I am keenly aware of the need for scriptural context and wisdom in both the making of music and in its engagement in worship. Dr. Kidd makes us a great gift in this insightful book. He calls us away from the self-centeredness of our petty worship wars, from the narcissistic preoccupations that seem to afflict so much of today's worship; and he calls us to higher ground, to be swept up into the eternal Song of the Lamb. And he helps show us how. The riches he mines in Psalm 22 are alone worth the price of admission. I cannot think of a more valuable book for worship leaders, praise team members, composers of worship songs, or indeed anyone wishing to become a more thoughtful, focused and biblical worshipper."--Darrell A. Harris, chaplain, Institute for Worship Studies; president emeritus, Star Song Records

"Here is a true theology of praise, a real doxology. It is beautifully written, touching both our lamentations and our aspirations. Reggie Kidd makes the point that it is none other than Christ himself who is the ultimate worship leader. In short, the ministry of song is most faithful when it is inspired by Christ, for he above all is a 'Singing Savior.'"--Hughes Oliphant Old, Erskine Theological Seminary

"I've waited for this book for so long. The church desperately needs it and the world desperately needs a church which understands this book. If you read one book on worship, this book is the one you ought to read. It will speak to your mind and keep you from being superficial and silly; it will speak to your heart and keep you from being cold and shallow; and then it will find its way into your way of worship and your life so that the world will know Him. Read this book! You will thank me for recommending it to you."--Steven Brown, president, Key Life radio program; professor, Reformed Theological Seminary

"Here's a book that will deepen not only your appreciation for music, but also your love of God. Drawing from often unnoticed scriptural themes and contemporary cultural expressions, the book celebrates God's active role in redeeming creation and lavishing on us the remarkable gift of song. For any of us who are tempted to worship worship itself, here is a compelling call to let our music making point away from itself to the majesty, glory, and beauty of God."--John D. Witvliet, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

"Sometimes scholars do an excellent job of keeping the heart out of their writing, even if they're writing about worship. Reggie Kidd blends heart and mind beautifully. Reggie makes me seriously consider history and theology, but he also brings me to the core of worship, my heart before God. This is a great book."--Cliff Young, Caedmons Call

The Authors

  1. Reggie Kidd

    Reggie Kidd

    Reggie Kidd (Ph.D., Duke University) is professor of New Testament and dean of the chapel at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando. He also is the worship director at Orangewood Presbyterian Church in Maitland, Florida, and serves as a faculty member for the...

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  2. Reggie M. Kidd

    Reggie M. Kidd

    Reggie Kidd (Ph.D., Duke University) is professor of New Testament and dean of the chapel at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando. He also is the worship director at Orangewood Presbyterian Church in Maitland, Florida, and serves as a faculty member for the...

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