Why I Am a Christian, Revised and Expanded Edition

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How can anyone claim to have the truth? Can anyone really prove the existence of God? Isn't it naive to believe in miracles? Doesn't evolution prove that the Bible's creation story is false? If God is so powerful and good, why is there so much suffering in the world? These are crucial questions that many Christians wrestle with. They are also the type of questions asked by skeptics of the faith. 

Why I Am a Christian offers compelling answers that will free Christians from doubt and clear away obstacles to faith for unbelievers. Beginning with the topics of moral relativism and knowable truth, the book progresses to questions about belief in God, the reliability of the Bible, and the identity of Jesus as the Messiah, the Son of God. It concludes with three chapters on what it means to make a commitment to follow Christ.

The contributors to this revised edition are expert witnesses for the Christian faith. They include an astronomer, a mechanical engineer, a trial lawyer, a religious historian, a philosopher, a Jewish Christian, a former atheist, a former skeptic, and a former Muslim--who contributes a new chapter.


Francis J. Beckwith

Walter Bradley

J. Budziszewski

Ergun Mehmet Caner

Winfried Corduan

William Lane Craig

John S. Feinberg

Norman L. Geisler

R. Douglas Geivett

Gary R. Habermas

Paul K. Hoffman

Peter Kreeft

Barry R. Leventhal

Josh McDowell

J. P. Moreland

Hugh Ross

Ravi Zacharias

The Authors

  1. Norman L. Geisler

    Norman L. Geisler

    Norman L. Geisler (1932-2019) taught at top evangelical colleges and seminaries for over fifty years and was distinguished professor of apologetics and theology at Veritas Evangelical Seminary in Murrieta, California. He wrote nearly eighty books, including...

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  2. Paul K. Hoffman

    Paul K. Hoffman

    Paul K. Hoffman (J.D., University of California at San Francisco) has been a trial lawyer for twenty years. He has authored articles in a variety of periodicals.

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