Whispers and Wildflowers

30 Days to Slow Your Pace, Savor Scripture & Draw Closer to God

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"If you've been running too fast for too long, give yourself some time to rest, be refreshed, and soak in the wisdom God has imparted to Sarah."--Susie Larson, show host, author, national speaker

Do you feel constantly busy but, deep down, constantly soul-weary? In this inspiring and practical book, Sarah Beth Marr helps you develop a regular practice of withdrawing from busyness to realign and refresh your heart, mind, and soul. She helps you

· discover Scripture that will lead you to peace
· connect with God on a deeper level
· run to God rather than to other things that do not satisfy
· experience less stress and more contentment
· be fully present in your life

If you feel distracted, burnt out, depleted, or overwhelmed, let Sarah Beth be your gentle and uplifting guide to greater personal peace and simplicity.

Sarah Beth Marr is the author of Dreaming with God and danced professionally for more than fifteen years as a ballerina. She now encourages women in the dance of life and faith through her writing, speaking at MOPS International groups and women's events, and teaching the Word. She and her husband, Brian, have three sons and live in Dallas, Texas. Learn more at www.sarahbethmarr.com.


"I'm in a sprint season right now. Lots of things going wrong, lots of things going right. I grabbed Sarah's book, sat down, and took a deep breath. Then I exhaled. Her words felt like a cool glass of water on a scorching hot day, like an invitation to come away and rest for a while. You can't read through these pages and feel stressed at the same time. She writes beautifully, lyrically, and biblically. If you've been running too fast for too long, or if you want to avoid the rat race altogether, give yourself some time to rest, be refreshed, and soak in the wisdom God has imparted to Sarah. This is a beautiful book."

Susie Larson, show host, author, national speaker

"Living in our fast-paced society, we, as Christian women, need to slow down and experience the spiritual rest, refreshment, and retreat Sarah talks about in Whispers and Wildflowers. We need to withdraw from the busyness of life to spend undistracted time with the One who created us. Thank you, Sarah for writing this thirty-day devotional and pointing us back toward Jesus. The two of us love it and plan to pass it along to the GirlDefined sisterhood!"

Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal, cofounders of GirlDefined Ministries; authors of Girl Defined and Love Defined

"A thirty-day retreat sounds impossible for the modern woman. Sarah Beth Marr knows this, yet she has created a tool to usher today's woman into daily retreat by making space to absorb Scripture and encounter God. Using images from the garden, Whispers and Wildflowers helps readers pause and reflect on how God is at work. This is a book about noticing both the quiet whispers and the flowers found in desolate places . . . the wildflowers."

Alexandra Kuykendall, author of Loving My Actual Life; cohost of The Open Door Sisterhood podcast

"Whispers and Wildflowers is a retreat for the soul. It offers those in need of fresh rest, hope, and recovery a chance to lay down and see the goodness of God."

Kelly Balarie, author of Battle Ready and Fear Fighting; blogger at Purposeful Faith; national speaker; host of The Journey Together Summit

"As a gardener, I wholly appreciate Sarah Beth Marr's dive into horticultural metaphors to lead us all closer to the Gardener of our souls. This thirty-day journey, powered by Sarah's keen insight and a heart that is so obviously close to Jesus, will woo you to Him in new ways."

Mary DeMuth, author of Jesus Every Day

"If you find yourself in a place of hurried pace with a crowded soul, then Sarah Beth Marr's daily devotionals in Whispers and Wildflowers will offer the space and healing you need. With a calm, inviting voice she echoes God's whispers and centers your heart on the truth of who Christ is and what He does to grow the good things in your life."

Heather MacFadyen, host of the God Centered Mom podcast; creator of Don't Mom Alone Community

"With blissful insights, Sarah Beth Marr reminds us that God's mercies are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness. In each devotional chapter, Sarah honestly shares her journey toward a deeper relationship with God. But most of all, she encourages us to relax and rest in the arms of a loving and attentive Creator. He whispers to us. He refreshes us in His well-watered spiritual garden. Sarah assures us we can trust in God's Word and lavish care as we return to our busy lives, renewed and secured from within."

Judith Couchman, speaker, professor, and author of Designing a Woman's Life

"As our lives seem to move at a frenetic pace, we rarely take the time to spiritually recover. Our hearts and minds yearn for the refreshment and rest of spending intimate time with the Father and savoring His unfailing love for us. Sarah Beth Marr invites us to that restful place through a beautiful thirty-day journey of renewal. Whispers and Wildflowers is like a cup of cool water for a thirsty soul."

Karol Ladd, bestselling author of The Power of a Positive Woman

"We need Whispers and Wildflowers. We need the rest it offers, we need the slow it calls us to, and we desperately need the calm closeness to God it beckons us toward. Sarah is a gentle truth teller and a much needed guide in the middle of our busy and cluttered world. This book gives us the soothing prompt that our souls so desperately yearn for: Daughter, come and rest."

Maria Furlough, author of Breaking the Fear Cycle

"With tenderness and intentionality, Sarah Beth Marr offers a retreat for our souls in Whispers and Wildflowers. Sometimes we feel we need permission to exhale the craziness of life, draw near to Jesus, and simply be still. Let this book be that for your heart today."

Stacey Thacker, speaker and author of When Grace Walks In

"Whispers and Wildflowers is a gracious invitation to come away and enjoy the sweetest gifts of our Savior. Sarah Beth Marr digs deep, breathing fresh insight into rich metaphors of faith and communion. She writes, '[Jesus] knows the best refreshment for our weary souls is Himself.' And Sarah knows how to gently lead us to Him. I look forward to many more quiet moments listening for His whispers with this inspiring devotional."

Kim Hyland, author of An Imperfect Woman

"This book is for any woman who needs a hard reset for her soul. Sarah's honesty, words, and lessons penned in these pages are a blessing to the weary heart."

Jordan Lee Dooley, author of Purpose

"If you are looking for a retreat for your soul, this is the book for you!"

Katie Norris, founder of Fotolanthropy & Fotostrap; producer of two award-winning documentaries, Travis: A Soldier's Story and The Luckiest Man

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  1. Sarah Beth Marr
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    Sarah Beth Marr

    Sarah Beth Marr is the author of Dreaming with God and danced professionally for more than fifteen years as a ballerina. She now encourages women in the dance of life and faith through her writing, speaking at MOPS International groups and women's...

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