The Unburdened Heart

Finding the Freedom of Forgiveness

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The word forgive is not, as many people think, one dimensional. It does not just mean let go and let God, a challenge for anyone who has experienced traumatizing abuse, injustice, neglect, or abandonment. In The Unburdened Heart, Suzanne Eller explores with readers the multiple facets of forgiveness found in the Scriptures, focusing in particular on the idea of leaving one place to go to another. Anyone can, with the help of God's Spirit, leave pain to find wholeness, leave regret to find purpose, and leave the past to live fully in the present. The Unburdened Heart uses the power of story along with biblical teaching to lead readers into healing and a forgiving lifestyle.


"Suzie will invite you into a place of hope and healing to experience the sacred transformation that forgiveness brings."

Renee Swope, award-winning author, A Confident Heart

"Suzie speaks with the warmth of a friend and the wisdom of a sage to one of our common struggles--forgiveness. Offering down-to-earth help built on a deep scriptural foundation, she reveals a many-layered truth that forgiveness isn't the one-size-fits all proposition we've so often accepted. I feel relief and joy in realizing that God fully acknowledges the difficulties of forgiveness while still holding it up as the healing tonic against bitterness and debilitating anger."

Amy Carroll, Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker

"Suzie fills up our toolboxes not just for today but also for the future. Conflict, hurt, and pain are just a part of this world. The Unburdened Heart gives exactly what we need to walk in the freedom Christ died to give us . . . no matter what our circumstances!"

Lynn Cowell, founder, Wise Women . . . Wiser Daughter; Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker; author, His Revolutionary Love and Devotions for a Revolutionary Year

"The Unburdened Heart provides both healing and hope for those who have been affected by circumstances that have left them scarred and scared. While Satan may seek to tightly wind the chains of bitterness, anger, and unforgiveness around our wounded hearts by tempting us with wrong thinking and the destructive counter-productive actions that result, this book teaches how to release the hurt and move forward--free, whole, and holy."

Karen Ehman, Proverbs 31 Ministries director of speakers; author, LET. IT. GO.

"More times than not, forgiveness is a process instead of an event. It's costly and painful, yet freeing and beautiful. In The Unburdened Heart, my friend Suzie Eller handles this topic with truth and grace. If you've got an unhealed area in your soul, I ask you to go on this journey with her. Trust her to hold your hand and lead you to places of grace and healing. Freedom waits for you on the other side."

Susie Larson, cohost, Focus on the Family's Everyday Relationships with Dr. Greg Smalley; host, Live the Promise; author, Your Beautiful Purpose

"There is incredible freedom in living a life of grace and mercy. Suzie Eller believes that, lives that and shows us how to walk the road to experience that ourselves. Do you need to unburden your heart and experience freedom from the hurts of the past? You can start today by opening the pages of this powerful book."

Jill Savage, CEO, Hearts at Home; author, No More Perfect Moms

"Susie plays all the right notes when it comes to addressing the tender and varied subject of hurting. Forgoing cloying and trite, her writing brings a much-needed and appreciated directness to those are broken and presents advice and hopeful perspectives for healing and change."

Julie Barnhill, speaker; author, Scandalous Grace

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  1. Suzanne Eller

    Suzanne Eller

    Suzanne (Suzie) Eller ( is a bestselling author, Bible teacher, and cohost of the More Than Small Talk podcast. Suzie has been featured on hundreds of TV and radio programs. When she's not writing, you'll find her kayaking,...

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