The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness

Discover How to Escape Your Prison of Pain and Unlock a Life of Freedom

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Heartbreak Makes Room for God's Power

Jason Vallotton thought his world was burning down around him when he found out that his wife, Heather, was having an affair and planned to leave him. Using his own story as a poignant, evocative illustration of God's grace and healing, Jason, along with his dad, Kris Vallotton, invites you to reframe your understanding of redemption. Together, they show you how to steward the hardest times and deepest pain of your life so that God can lay a foundation for complete restoration and empowerment for your future. While it may be hard to see emotional wounds as gifts when they still hurt so deeply, The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness will help you discover that God can not only heal your wounds, but He can also use the healing process to equip you for a whole, fulfilled and powerful life!


The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness gives us exactly what we need: honest, inspiration and insight to enable us to understand the process to health and recovery.

Bill Johnson, senior leader, Bethel Church, Redding, California

The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness will bring greater intimacy with the Father to every heart that embraces this message.

Kim Walker-Smith and Skyler Smith, Jesus Culture

The Authors

  1. Kris Vallotton

    Kris Vallotton

    Kris Vallotton ( is the senior associate leader at Bethel Church in Redding, California, where he has served with Bill Johnson for three decades. He has written eleven books, including the bestselling The Supernatural Ways of Royalty...

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  2. Jason Vallotton

    Jason Vallotton

    Jason Vallotton is the author of The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness and coauthor of Moral Revolution and Outrageous Courage with his dad, Kris Vallotton. A pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, California, he helps oversee the School of...

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