The Parousia

The New Testament Doctrine of Our Lord’s Second Coming

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Did Christ already return?

In the days surrounding their Lord's crucifixion, Jesus's disciples wondered, "When will Christ return?" This vexing question is still asked and still provides much speculation today. It is explored in countless end times books and films and debated in churches and Bible schools.

But what if the second coming already happened?

In this important but neglected nineteenth-century study, author and pastor J. Stuart Russell argues persuasively that Christ's parousia (second coming) was the center of a great cluster of significant events in first-century Jerusalem, including the close of the Jewish economy, the judgment of Israel, the destruction of Jerusalem, and the resurrection of the dead.

First published in 1878, The Parousia was esteemed by contemporaries who may have agreed or disagreed with Russell's conclusions but nevertheless had utmost respect for his exegetical method, his illumination of difficult passages of Scripture, and the popular level on which the book was written.

Pastors, students of the Bible, and anyone suspicious of the current media focus on the end times will treasure this well-reasoned and hope-filled book.


"One of the most important treatments of biblical eschatology available today. The issues raised in The Parousia are vitally important not only for eschatology, but also for the debate over the credibility of sacred Scripture."
--R. C. Sproul

"Although I do not agree with all the conclusions of The Parousia, I hgihly recommend this well-organized, carefully argued, and compellingly written volume. It is one of the most persuasive and challenging books I have read on the subject, and has had a great impact on my thinking."
--Kenneth L. Gentry Jr.

The Author

  1. J. Stuart Russell

    J. Stuart Russell

    J. Stuart Russell (1816-1895) pastored the Congregational church in Bayswater, England, from 1862 to 1888. He earned a master's degree from King's College, University of Aberdeen, which also honored him with a doctor of divinity degree after The...

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"Important. ... [Russell's] controversial conclusions, whether agreed with or not, raise challenging questions to the dominant end-times theories of the contemporary Church."--Dallas/Fort Worth Heritage (May 1999)