The Overcomer's Anointing

God’s Plan to Use Your Darkest Hour as Your Greatest Spiritual Weapon

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Find Hope in the Midst of Spiritual Darkness

Though believers walk in the light, darkness still assails us. Sometimes we find ourselves stumbling along, desperate for God's direction but feeling farther from Him with each step. Sharing biblical examples and her own personal struggles with spiritual darkness, Barbara Yoder unveils how God uses this place of uncertainty and solitude to forge new life in you. Couple with hope and encouragement, the life-giving keys Barbara offers will help you

No matter what seemingly insurmountable challenges you encounter, don't lose heart. God is at work preparing you for victory.


"The Church of Jesus Christ globally is at a pivot point. What tension in this immediate season of two to three years will determine our readiness to address the share each of us will have in the coming century? All of us face decisive issues. We must determine how we will answer God's personal call on each of us and how we will steward the gifts and assignments He places before us.

"It is into these issues and others currently related that Barbara Yoder speaks with prophetic clarity, insight and passion. All three of these traits are honed by an integrity in life and leadership that distinguishes her and verifies her trustworthiness as a true leader for such times as these.

"I am pleased to commend this book to people at all points in life--business or church leaders, youth or adults, housewives or executives, believers or unbelievers. All will benefit from the wisdom and prophetic guidance offered by this woman who has devoted herself as a true servant of God for humanity."
--Jack W. Hayford, president, The Foursquare Church; chancellor, The King's College & Seminary, Los Angeles, California

"Dark times of the soul can confuse, isolate and bring anguish. Thankfully God's Word provides answers for troubled times. Barbara weaves those answers honestly and compassionately into these pages. As you read them, let hope take back the night. Meditate on them, and the overcomer's anointing will rise up, proclaiming, 'My best days are not in the past; they're in my future.'"
--Dr. Tim Sheets, apostle, The Oasis, a CityGate Church, Middletown, Oh.

"Once again the Body of Christ is enriched and strengthened by the pen of Barbara Yoder. Writing from a base of personal experience and biblical truth, Barbara addresses a challenge everyone faces in life: darkness. Insurmountable trials, tough circumstances, relentless troubles, the dark night of the soul...these are dark times that we need to know how to navigate. You will relate to some of the situations expressed, but more importantly, you will receive fresh hope for the victory that awaits you on the other side. Having faced the darkness in your own life, you can then speak to others in the midst of their darkness. A timely and encouraging book!"
--Jane Hansen Hoyt, president/CEO, Aglow International

"Barbara Yoder has created a personal revival handbook for every serious Christian. The Overcomer's Anointing is like Extreme Makeover: Spiritual Edition. We have all had times in which we feel doubts about our faith. The darkest times in our lives seem to shake our foundations, yet we try to put on a facade of spirituality that does not match our internal spiritual barometer. Many books describe those wilderness places. More difficult is to know what to do during the different stages of our dilemma. Here is where The Overcomer's Anointing takes up the slack and presents us with steps and encouragement toward personal victory. If each of us takes the responsibility to work through Barbara's blueprint, the combined efforts of Christians would bring a revival unlike anything the Church has experienced to date.

"The ultimate test of the fruit of Barbara Yoder's message is seen in the lives of her local church members. Having interacted with several of the key people on her team, one has to deduce that her message is more than just words; it is life-giving food for the soul. You need this book. I know I do!"
--Bishop Harry R. Jackson Jr., senior pastor, Hope Christian Church (in the Washington, D.C., area); founder and president, High Impact Leadership Coalition

"Most people either dread or try to avoid seasons of darkness in their lives. With marvelous insight and her extraordinary ability to communicate, Barbara Yoder has taken the taken on the task of helping us understand and embrace the dark night of the soul. She reveals God's redemptive process that takes our times of darkness and creates new things. These times of darkness can be the very times when we are transformed by the power of God. As we emerge from these seasons, an anointing comes forth that shapes our sphere of assignment. I highly recommend The Overcomer's Anointing for anyone attempting to understand and overcome times of loss, confusion or any other challenge associated with a dark season in life."
--Barbara Wentroble, president and founder, International Breakthrough Ministries; president, Breakthrough Business Network; bestselling author

"During unprecedented times of shaking in the earth, The Overcomer's Anointing offers perspective, hope and strategy for believers to live in victory in the midst of challenging days. Barbara Yoder does a masterful job of helping us navigate the season of darkness to emerge into the light of our new day. Each reader will be inspired to embrace God's purpose of transformation, personally as well as in the nations and systems of the earth, for His Kingdom to come in new and powerful ways."
--Jane Hamon, apostle and co-pastor, Christian International Family Church, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

"No matter what your denominational background, Christians agree that the world is turning upside-down as global economic and political systems are going through unprecedented upheaval. Barbara Yoder reminds us that often the dark night of the soul is internal, too--and that God's glorious power is at work during the earthquakes and hurricanes of life in as profound a way as when the sun shines on our lives and ministries. Barbara reminds me that God's presence during my hour of trouble is tangible, mysterious, prevailing and profound. Her passionate pursuit of the Father spurs me on in my day-to-day wrestling with God when the enemy whispers, 'Just quit!' And as I cling to truth when I cannot find my way in the dark, the awareness of His presence breathes fresh hope into my life."
--Carol Kent, international speaker; author, When I Lay My Isaac Down and A New Kind of Normal

"If you are walking through a difficult season, this book will not only give you hope that the dark time will end, but also the understanding and keys to move into your new season. I recommend it!"
--Joy Strang, CFO, Strang Communications

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  1. Barbara J. Yoder

    Barbara J. Yoder

    Barbara J. Yoder is founder and overseer of Shekinah Regional Apostolic Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and the bestselling author of five books. She travels extensively as a national and international speaker and is considered one of the most influential women...

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