The Only Answer Is Prayer

An Intimate Walk with God into the Miraculous

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Prayer is more than important--it's vital!

We have to do more than just want God to move in our lives, our families, our nation and the world. We must actively seek Him in prayer! When we call out to God, He hears and helps us. Prayer is never an interruption to God, but an invitation to go deeper in communion with Him.

Using practical teaching and moving testimonies, these Deeper Fellowship Church pastors will help you

· hunger to partner with God and discover greater intimacy with Christ
· boost your strength to pray till you see results
· position yourself to be part of the greatest outpouring of the Spirit the world has ever seen
· agree with heaven to see God's plans and purposes become reality on the earth

God doesn't want you to drown in unanswered prayer, but to walk in authority and to experience His best. You can connect with Him right now and discover the life-changing power of His presence with you through prayer.

William McDowell
is pastor of Deeper Fellowship Church in Orlando, Florida, and a Grammy-nominated and Dove and Stellar Award-winning musician. He and his wife, LaTae, have five children.
Jason McMullen is executive pastor of Deeper Fellowship Church. A prophetic voice and seasoned strategist, Jason is president of McMullen Ventures, Inc. He and his wife, Jessica, have ten children.
Caleb Grant is associate pastor of Deeper Fellowship Church. Caleb preaches and ministers to people around the world. He and his wife, Celeste, have two children.


"Wherever the ministry of William McDowell goes, the supernatural is sure to follow. If you want an inside look at what it's like to live in the middle of a move of God, start here. It's happening through my friend William McDowell."

Steven Furtick, pastor, Elevation Church; New York Times bestselling author

"The anointing and presence of God is real! William is not only a friend but a mentor, and I cannot wait for the words of God to flow through your heart, mind, body and spirit. The Holy Spirit is alive and well not only in this book but also in William's life, church and songs. I pray that before you read this powerful book you will say a prayer for Jesus to open up your heart and soul to this spiritual journey you are about to go on! This journey will be overflowing with joy, tears and the presence of Jesus from beginning to end."

Russell Wilson, quarterback, Seattle Seahawks

"God is using William McDowell and Deeper Fellowship Church to be a prophetic signpost in this generation. In the tension between seeking God's presence and seeking to be cool, they're favoring His presence. And He's honoring that with miracles. May you be infected with the spirit of faith that permeates this book."

Bob Sorge, author, Secrets of the Secret Place

"When he was a young man, sitting in the back of the auditorium in my meetings, William McDowell's gift may have been unknown to me, but it certainly was not unknown to God. It has been a tremendous privilege for me to observe his growth and development in so many different areas--as a husband, father, pastor, songwriter, worshiper and, now, as an author. It is gratifying, but not at all surprising, to see how God is using him, not only as an unusually gifted worship leader but also as a caring and compassionate pastor whose services are characterized by a remarkable demonstration of the supernatural power of God."

Dr. Rod Parsley, pastor and founder, World Harvest Church, Columbus, Ohio

"I am so excited about the miracles taking place at Deeper Fellowship through Pastor William McDowell's ministry. He's shaking the culture and experiencing God's power on earth as it is in heaven and seeing wonderful miracles as a result. I love his heart for God. The posture of a church that stays in God's presence will always experience heaven! This book will turn hearts to God! I am glad to call this man of God my friend!"

Erica Campbell, host, Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell; recording artist, Mary Mary

"It's hard to believe that I've only known William McDowell for a handful of years when the impact of his ministry on my life has been exponential. Out of the many conversations we have had, one statement stood out to me more than any other. He told me that if we say what the Father says, He'll make a way for His Word. The impact of that one sentence has reverberated in my life, and I credit it with much of the success I've had. I'm grateful not only for William's friendship but also his ability to demonstrate a life tangibly connected to the heart of God. I know that this book and his ministry will have the same effect on all those who read with open hearts, and I'm excited about the new season so many people will walk into because of it."

Danny Gokey, GRAMMY-nominated Christian artist

"Pastor William McDowell has given his life to listening to the Holy Spirit as he has fashioned prophetic songs that address the family of God's desire to express their deepest feelings of worship. That same ability to hear and write songs of worship is now finding expression in revelatory teaching and preaching that has produced a faith to believe for the regular visitation of the Holy Spirit in their home church."

Joseph L. Garlington Sr., presiding bishop, Reconciliation! Ministries International

"From the moment I met William McDowell, humility and faithfulness oozed out of him. The same can be said when you begin to experience this book. It's truly an encouragement toward greater faith and a challenge not to miss what God has happening in your life!"

Josh McCown, NFL quarterback

"Too often Christians are willing to do a God thing without God. My friend William is the exact opposite. He refuses to continue going through the Christian motions without seeing and hearing from God. His relentless pursuit has been rewarded as God continues to pour out His presence and miracles. I thank God for who William is to the Kingdom of God at large and to the people who are privileged to call him friend."

Jonathan Stockstill, lead pastor, Bethany Church, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"When I discovered that William McDowell had begun pastoring a church, I was so excited I moved my entire family to a different city just to be close enough to attend the church when my ministry was not on the road. Not too many people outside of those we read about in the book of Acts have had that much of an impact on my life. Writing this, I feel like Peter in 2 Peter 1:16. I am an eyewitness of the revival that is taking place in the church that William leads."

Jonathan Ferguson, founder, Ferguson Global Ministries

"I have been blessed by the mantle of praise and worship William McDowell is known for, and I have been to Deeper Fellowship Church and experienced firsthand the power of God in the atmosphere under his leadership. What's happening there is a beautiful fulfillment of God's promises in Act 2:17 and Mark 16:17-19. I pray the accounts documented in this book will bring life to the reader and ignite faith like wildfire within the Church worldwide. To God be the glory!"

Jackie Patillo, president and executive director, Gospel Music Association

"I have known William for over thirty years. When he was a young teenager it was evident that, through his musical gifts, he had a calling on his life to touch the world. It is no surprise that he has been raised up as one of the leading worship pastors in this generation. Now as a senior pastor, William has chosen to courageously lead his congregation outside the lines of tradition and conformity, and in so doing, they are experiencing what it truly looks like when heaven touches earth! I am honored to know William and to see how God is using him to bring His Kingdom to earth. May it happen everywhere!"

John W. Stevenson, apostle and senior pastor, Heirs Covenant Church, Hamilton, Ohio

"My experience with the ministry of William McDowell has been powerful and enriching. His passion for God and worship have impacted me and the church I lead in unbelievable ways!"

John Jenkins Sr., pastor, First Baptist Church, Glenarden, Maryland

"I've been able to see the disabled walk, the sick be healed, frowns turned to smiles. The presence at Deeper Fellowship is hard to put into words, but when you are present you understand just how impactful and loving of a home it is. What I love is how Pastor William doesn't move until he knows the Holy Spirit has moved in the way He's supposed to."

Tobias Harris, forward, Detroit Pistons

"God has positioned Pastor William McDowell with a mantle of miracles and a grace to release revival among the nations. The grace God has put on his life is a unique threefold cord of prophetic worship, fervent prayer and holy manifestation of God's presence. The message he carries calls a generation of sons and daughters closer to the heart of God. As a man after God's own heart, Pastor William is marked by the humility and kindness that he exudes while carrying this mantle of revival across the nations."

Kevin Wallace, lead pastor, Redemption to the Nations Church

"Pastor William McDowell is an amazing friend and a most esteemed Kingdom partner. His love for God's people shows in everything he does. Pastor McDowell has maintained a keen level of precision in leading God's people because his ear remains fastened to the mouth of God. He is a refreshing and much-needed vessel who understands the methodology required to release the power of God in the earthly realm. I am a firm believer that the earth will yield the increase of Pastor McDowell's anointing for years to come."

John F. Hannah, senior pastor, New Life Covenant Church Southeast

"To be in the same space as Pastor McDowell is a real joy. I count it an honor to experience the uniqueness that exudes from his ministry moments. More than a powerhouse in the arena of worship leading and song writing, he is a masterful teacher and presenter of the Word of God. It is abundantly clear that he's devoted his life to ensuring that all come into the awareness of God."

Tasha Cobbs Leonard, GRAMMY Award-winning worship leader

"In a time when a lot of information contrary to the Word of God is being promoted, this generation needs something more than just traditional church services. This generation needs to see a demonstration of God's power, and this has been found at Deeper Fellowship Church under the guidance of Pastor William McDowell. Miracles, signs and wonders are happening literally every week. These events are providing hope and truth to eliminate any doubt that the God we've heard about is real."

Travis Greene, GRAMMY nominated worship leader; lead pastor, Forward City Church

"In a world where many are seeking attention, fame and fortune merely for themselves, it never ceases to amaze me to see godly people who are more concerned about God's glory than they are about their own and who still value and desire the presence of God. William McDowell is one of those godly people. You know a tree by the fruit it bears, and there is much fruit in the life and ministry of William McDowell."

Andre Ward, Olympic champion, former world boxing champion, HBO boxing analyst

"With the humility of a lamb and the glory-filled power of a lion, Pastor William is truly a general of this generation. Not only have I been a firsthand witness to countless miracles under his ministry, but I have also witnessed his personal integrity, passion for God's heart and love for God's people. Out of the clamoring collection of voices in the world that are vying for your attention, Pastor William's voice is one that is proven and worthy to be attended to."

Tony Jones, pastor, Fellowship Church, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The Authors

  1. William McDowell

    William McDowell

    William McDowell is pastor of Deeper Fellowship Church in Orlando, Florida, and a Grammy-nominated and Dove and Stellar Award-winning musician. He and his wife, LaTae, have five children.

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  2. Jason McMullen

    Jason McMullen

    Jason McMullen is executive pastor of Deeper Fellowship Church. A prophetic voice and seasoned strategist, Jason is president of McMullen Ventures, Inc. He and his wife, Jessica, have ten children.

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  3. Caleb Grant
    © Monica Grace Photography

    Caleb Grant

    Caleb Grant is associate pastor of Deeper Fellowship Church. Caleb preaches and ministers to people around the world. He and his wife, Celeste, have two children.

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