The Mantle of Esther

Discovering the Power of Intercession

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You can be an intercessor to whom the Lord "holds out the golden scepter."

The story of Esther offers one of the most gripping dramas in the Bible. An evil plot threatens not only the beautiful young queen but all her people. The future of the nation is stayed on one hope--that Esther can intercede with the king.

From the story of Esther, Larry Christenson presents a bold view of intercession. The intercessor stands between two realms, the natural and the spiritual. Intercessory prayer brings the power of heaven down to earth. Step by step, Esther's intercession results in deliverance from the power of evil.

The power of evil intrudes in our lives, too. It comes under many guises--schemes, betrayal, sickness, addiction. What can we do? The Mantle of Esther presents a challenge to enter that place of intercession where the enemy in our midst must yield to the authority and power of the King of kings.


"Larry Christenson is one of the best teachers I know. In The Mantle of Esther he demonstrates his unique genius for making theological principles alive, personal and workable. From young Esther's life-and-death adventures in the court of the powerful Persian king, he draws the biblical pattern for miracle-resulting intercession. Halfway through the book, I found myself already praying with new confidence for all the 'impossible' situations confronting our own family and friends."
--Elizabeth Sherrill, author, All the Way to Heaven: Whatever You're Facing, Heaven Begins Now

"I have read and enjoyed the book of Esther many times over the years--both as a story and as history. Larry Christenson's presentation has given me a third reason to treasure it. I will read Esther through new eyes in the future. Prayerful eyes. I trust I will remember the many lessons on intercession that I have carried from the book as I endeavor to make them part of my own prayer life."--Janette Oke, bestselling and award-winning novelist

"Often Old Testament events in the physical realm typify spiritual principles in the New Testament, applicable for us today. The intriguing story of Esther's plea to the king in behalf of her fellow Jews illustrates our need and the way to intercede for God's intervention in this time of great peril. Larry Christenson has unveiled from Esther's example key principles to aid us in our call to intercession. The Mantle of Esther is must reading for those with a burden to intercede for others and with a desire for a more intimate relationship with the King of kings."--Dr. Morris Vaagenes, retired pastor, North Heights Lutheran Church (St. Paul, Minn.)

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  1. Larry Christenson

    Larry Christenson

    Larry Christenson, ordained in the Evangelical Lutheran Church, is the former director of the International Lutheran Renewal Center in Minneapolis. He was a popular conference speaker and wrote more than fifteen books in his lifetime, including The...

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