The House of Winslow Collection 1

Books 1-10

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This series trails the Winslow family through generations of American history, depicting key moments from the eyes of characters experiencing them firsthand. Collection I includes books 1 - 10.

1 The Honorable Imposter
2 The Captive Bride
3 The Indentured Heart
4 The Gentle Rebel
5 The Saintly Buccaneer
6 The Holy Warrior
7 The Reluctant Bridegroom
8 The Last Confederate
9 The Dixie Widow
10 The Wounded Yankee

The Author

  1. Gilbert Morris

    Gilbert Morris

    Gilbert Morris spent ten years as a pastor before becoming Professor of English at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas. He earned a Ph.D. at the University of Arkansas, and did postgraduate work at the University of London. His publishing credits include...

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