The Holy Spirit Is Not for Sale

Rekindling the Power of God in an Age of Compromise

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For more than sixteen years, veteran journalist J. Lee Grady has kept a finger on the pulse of the charismatic and Pentecostal renewal, which restored the power of the Holy Spirit to the church, but which now suffers from abuse. Since many Spirit-empowered believers have lost their original focus and purity, Grady delves into some of the problems that plague churches and ministries: financial scandal, faulty theology, moral failure, and more.

Yet the message of this fervent journalist, who loves the gifts of the Spirit, isn't one of condemnation and finger-pointing. Instead it is a clarion call to restore the fire of supernatural anointing with biblical boldness, purity, integrity, humility, truth, justice, and compassion. Grady longs for every believer to find or recover a genuine experience with the Holy Spirit.

Among the topics he addresses are:

• the genuine work of the Holy Spirit
• strategies for developing healthy leaders
• how to set up proper accountability structures
• why so many churches and ministries have imploded in recent years

With extraordinary insight, a keen eye for discernment, and a desire to see the church purified and believers empowered, Grady gives a straightforward and ultimately affirming message that will expose the problems and ignite believers with God's fire.


"As editor of Charisma, Lee Grady has always cut through the contemporary religious veneer of men and movements in the charismatic world with profound perception and analytical accuracy. He has been a voice of reason in an unreasonable world of pompous preachers, pulsating music and pillaged pocketbooks. The Holy Spirit Is Not for Sale is the heart of Lee Grady poured out on paper to ignite a present fire or rekindle an old fire in your own heart, while not asking you to check your mind at the door. It is a must-read for anyone passionate about a genuine, Pentecostal relationship with God."
--Dr. Ronald W. Carpenter, Sr., presiding bishop, International Pentecostal Holiness Church

"I know of no more discerning, prophetic voice speaking with clarity and compassion and backed by such integrity of character as Lee Grady's. Today's Church needs not only to hear but to heed the wisdom of the warnings set forth in the wisdom of this book."
--Jack Hayford, chancellor, The King's College & Seminary; founding pastor, The Church On The Way

"This book should be in every believer's library! Grady trumpets a clarion call to the Body of Christ for a return to godly living and biblical ethics. He speaks with boldness and courage to expose abuse, manipulation and charlatan practices operating in churches and ministries today. The Holy Spirit Is Not for Sale will cause you to contend for a fresh move of God's Spirit. I highly recommend this powerful and timely book!"
--Barbara Wentroble, president, International Breakthrough Ministries; author, Removing the Veil of Deception, Prophetic Intercession, Praying with Authority

"While calling us to return to our first love, Lee has provided us with a strong reminder that God's grace is not cheap. May God use this to stir the Body of Christ to be all He expects us to be."
--Dr. Naomi Dowdy, senior pastor, Trinity Christian Center (Singapore); founder, Naomi Dowdy Ministries

"I could not put this book down. It is compulsive reading. But it is more than that; it is essential reading for every person who professes to be a charismatic Christian, for all those who are anti-charismatic and also for those who are somewhere in between. I thank God for Lee Grady. This book can only do good. I pray it will have wide distribution, change many lives and ministries, and bring great glory and honor to God."
--from the foreword by R. T. Kendall, Ph.D., former minister, Westminster Chapel (London); author, Total Forgiveness, etc.

"J. Lee Grady is fearlessly sounding the alarm. He exposes sins in the Church and reveals the pathway to true repentance and a lifestyle of holiness. It is my prayer that everyone who reads will awaken to righteousness and ask the Holy Spirit to rekindle the fire of love for God within them. Only then will He send the fires of revival and bring healing to our land."
--Germaine Copeland, president, Word Ministries, Inc.; author, Prayers That Avail Much

"You have heard the cry of this generation for the authentic message and the messenger. You have seen their hunger for a genuine move of God, not orchestrated by man or driven by excellence in promotion and marketing. You have seen them turned off by superstar Christianity, makeup-laden prophets for profit who scream 'I' more than they preach Jesus. Buckle up! You have picked by a book written by a man whom God has raised for such a time as this. "Lee Grady is one of the most genuine and humble proclaimers I have ever met. He carries a powerful and rare anointing. God is using this man around the world to herald a radical shift among Spirit-empowered people. The Holy Spirit Is Not for Sale will rock your world."
--Sujo John, laborer for Jesus @ Sujo John Ministries;

"In his book The Holy Spirit Is Not for Sale, Lee Grady provides a voice for sanity and conscience in the exploding and sometimes turbulent world of Pentecostal and charismatic renewal. I recommend it."
--Vinson Synan, Ph.D., dean emeritus, School of Divinity, Regent University

"Although some may find Lee's writing a bit harsh and condemning, if you read carefully, you will hear his heart. It is a heart that loves the Body of Christ and cries out for all of us, himself included, to shake ourselves and be the Church God has called us to be."
--Joni Lamb, Daystar Television Network

"The Holy Spirit Is Not for Sale stands as a prophetic clarion call for righteousness and justice under the canopy of Spirit empowerment. This deliberation from Grady, the 21st-century American Jeremiah, can serve as the catalyst for a fresh holiness movement established on grace and ignited by God's presence."
--The Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Hispanic National Association of Evangelicals

"The Holy Spirit Is Not for Sale is Lee Grady at his best: powerful, passionate, precise and prophetic. This book should be required reading for every pastor and spiritual leader. With the skill of a surgeon, Grady seeks to expose and cut away the numerous cancers that threaten the very life of the charismatic and Pentecostal movements, refusing to use air freshener to mask the putrid smell of decaying flesh.
"Prophets are never popular. Rather than pander to political correctness, their priority is to please God and not men. Grady's fiery zeal is born, like that of all true prophets, out of a burning desire for God's glory and not man's approval. I believe this book is born of God and has come to the Kingdom for such a time as this. Since those who need this book may well avoid it, do your pastor a favor and buy him a copy. It may save your church and help revive an otherwise dying movement."
--David Ravenhill, author and itinerant teacher, Siloam Springs, AR

"Honest, relevant, raw and thought-provoking. Lee is a lion among men who is not afraid to boldly confront the indiscretions in today's Church. Not only does Lee have a pulse on the 'Christian' culture, but he is unafraid to touch its nerve. Buckle your seatbelt for the challenge and conviction that ooze from every page!"
--Jay Lowder, harvest evangelist,

"What a powerful, convicting book! You must read it. Lee courageously exposes the carnality of American Christians and discloses how crippled the Church has become. May God help us become women and men of integrity, humility and purity.
"Premature responsibility breeds superficiality. In this book, Lee boldly points out that too many of America's pulpits are filled with ministers who are unbroken, power-hungry and who serve at 'the altar of self.' They turn a blind eye to the needs of a lost and dying world to engage in 'Hollywood-style religion,' which too often includes perversion, adultery, greed and lies.
"Tears are flowing down my face as I write this endorsement. I hunger for Jesus every day of my life and long to help facilitate a worldwide awakening! This is also the plea of Lee's book. O Jesus, help us! Reader, don't you dare miss reading Lee's timely book."
--Alice Smith, executive director, U.S. Prayer Center (Houston, TX),

"J. Lee Grady did not author The Holy Spirit Is Not for Sale for accolades, royalties or controversy. Born out of a burden for Pentecostals and charismatics who have lost their way, this book was written to call them back to Spirit-empowerment."
--Hal Donaldson, president, Convoy of Hope

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  1. J. Lee Grady

    J. Lee Grady

    J. Lee Grady is an author, award-winning journalist and ordained minister. He serves as contributing editor for Charisma magazine, one of America's most widely distributed evangelical Christian publications. His Fire in My Bones column is...

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