The Grace of God and the Will of Man

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Does God's Sovereignty Make Human Freedom Meaningless?

The Grace of God and the Will of Man brings together an impressive array of evangelical scholars from many traditions to examine the scope of God's saving purposes and His manner of working for the salvation of human beings.

Developing the proposition that the dynamic, personal God of the Bible respects the freedom He has given to the human race, the essays in this book paint a picture of how God sensitively works out His plans for individuals and the whole of history. The writers of this volume don't claim the last word on this subject, but they make a convincing case for an evangelical alternative to deterministic theology.

Dr. Clark H. Pinnock, general editor of this volume and the acclaimed book The Openness of God, is Professor of Theology at McMaster Divinity College in Ontario, Canada.


The Author

  1. Clark H. Pinnock

    Clark H. Pinnock

    Clark H. Pinnock (1937-2010) was professor emeritus of systematic theology at McMaster Divinity College in Hamilton, Ontario. He received his PhD from the University of Manchester and authored or edited eighteen books, including Most Moved Mover.

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