The Grace of Giving

Unleashing the Power of a Generous Heart

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What does biblical prosperity have to do with giving? While it is clear from Scripture that God desires to prosper His children materially, the Word's emphasis is not on amassing personal wealth but on having a generous heart like the Father's. Ché Ahn believes that God desires to prosper His people, and that He will do so as they trust His grace to provide for their needs and seek to reflect His giving, blessing image. This happens as believers repent of the hindrances of mind and heart that motivate them to grasp at wealth in unhealthy and self-defeating ways. The Grace of Giving guides readers to tear down the idols of wealth and poverty and to flourish in God's presence and provision.


This book is an incredible tool that, through a sound scriptural base, teaches God's heart for His people in sowing, giving and stewardship. This is a must-read if you want to know what God's Word has to say about prosperity and how to be freed from misconceptions that are holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Jerry Anderson, president, La Red Business Network International

This book will equip you to break free from a poverty spirit to live the abundant life Jesus died for you to have. As God is our Great Provider, Ché demonstrates that a prosperous soul has much more to do with our perspective of God than it does with money. May The Grace of Giving inspire new levels of generosity and deepen your understanding of God's great love for you.

Heidi Baker, founding director, Iris Global

The Grace of Giving will help everyone who struggles with and wants to enjoy the benefits of giving. Wherever Pastor Ché ministers, the entire atmosphere shifts toward prosperity, and people begin to believe and act out of a prosperous spirit. As members of the apostolic team of H.I.M., we have been direct recipients of this grace of giving, and we have watched this blessing multiply in the lives of countless others. If you want to learn to give in biblical proportions and reap the results, this book is for you.

Wesley and Stacey Campbell, senior pastors, New Life Church, Kelowna, British Columbia; founders, Be a Hero

The Grace of Giving is a seminal work and a lifelong learning manual on discovering how to live in the Father's love, share the Father's heart and go on a giving journey with Him that will transform your life and everyone with whom you come into contact. Digest every word and take time to work through every area where the culture of the twenty-first century may have robbed you of living in the culture of the Father's house. Thank you, Pastor Ché, for being the voice you are to the Body of Christ and for teaching us about how amazingly good the Father is to us!

Mark Chironna, founder, Church On The Living Edge and Mark Chironna Ministries; presiding bishop, The Legacy Alliance, Orlando, Florida

The Grace of Giving is an anointed work on the subject of prosperity. This book should be required reading for every young person entering adulthood. I have spent much of my life trying to reconcile my calling into the marketplace with my desire to serve the Lord, and this book brought incredible insight to God's blueprints for how to do exactly that.

Sam Caster, founder, Mannatech and MannaRelief Ministries

The Grace of Giving is the best book I have ever read on the subject of giving. Ché Ahn deals with the truth of God's promises about giving (especially sowing and reaping) while at the same time avoiding the mechanical approach of the prosperity gospel. Ché's own example of giving is powerful and his discussion of graduated giving was exemplary.

Randy Clark, founder, Global Awakening, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Giving is a command from God because it is a powerful force that will free Him to release His unlimited resources of power, favor, finance and blessing in the lives of His givers. The Grace of Giving is timely, and its revelation will empower the church of Jesus Christ to rise up as a mighty army anointed by the Spirit of the Lord to bring good news to the poor, overthrow the power of poverty and advance the kingdom of God on earth as the blueprint of heaven.

Pat Francis, founder, Pat Francis Ministries

This is a greatly needed book for the Body of Christ on the grace of giving. The teachings contained herein are not theories--they are eternal truths that work! I have watched as Ché Ahn lives this message in his own life and ministry. I perceive this is his most strategic work and is needed at such a pivotal time as this. May this grace gift flourish and cause a fresh people movement to occur of hilarious, effective and gracious kingdom economics for Jesus Christ's sake.

James W. Goll, founder, Encounters Network, Prayer Storm, GET E-School; bestselling author

As you read this book, you will gain knowledge that will enable you to prosper beyond your wildest imagination! Its truths concerning the principles of giving and receiving will enable you to obtain the prosperity that God desires for you. Ché Ahn gives a balanced and positive presentation of God's divine plan for prosperity. Every Christian needs to read this book, especially those who want to prosper, be able to bless others and advance God's kingdom on earth.

Bill Hamon, bishop, Christian International Ministries Network, Christian International, Apostolic Network, and Christian International Global Network

Pastor Ché has written a powerful book that challenges a Christian's understanding of prosperity. This book is a must-read for anyone desiring to operate under God's grace to give. Pastor Ché has received a unique revelation of living on a higher level of Christlike giving.

Garland R. Hunt, Sr., president, Prison Fellowship

The Grace of Giving is one of the must-read books for today. It is compassionate, compelling and challenging. Ché Ahn lives the message of this book. Read it! It will change your life forever!

Cindy Jacobs, founder, Generals International

The Grace of Giving is one of the most balanced, faith-building and truth-filled books I have read on the doctrine of biblical prosperity. Ché Ahn shares with openness and vulnerability some of his own personal struggles and his journey to revealed truth on this subject. I am convinced that those who read this book will be empowered with hope and faith and will step into the realms of abundance offered by their loving heavenly Father. It is my personal desire to see every Christian read this book--it is that good!

Patricia King, founder, XPministries and Inc.

In The Grace of Giving, Ché Ahn helps us understand the true meaning of prosperity. He first lays a foundation, characterizing God as a loving father and a generous giver. Then, through biblical and historical references and stories from his own life, he shows us that God's definition of prosperity doesn't lie in personal wealth or money but in pursuing our Father's heart. If you catch Ché's timely message, it will change your life.

Robert Morris, senior pastor, Gateway Church; bestselling author, The Blessed Life

In The Grace of Giving, Ché Ahn has given us a powerful weapon to destroy the strongholds of warped philosophies that infiltrate our minds regarding the stewardship of the finances entrusted to our care. In this wonderful book, we hear echoes of the apostle Paul's advice to his protege, Timothy: "Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not high-minded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy" (1 Timothy 6:17, KJV). I pray this book will prove to be a valuable GPS (God-Positioning-System) to align you with God's kingdom purposes for the stewardship of the funds He places in your care.

Peter Roselle, certified financial planner; founder, King of Kings Worship Center, Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Ché Ahn is the most qualified man I know to write on the grace of giving! The love-foundation of giving is clearly unveiled in this personal and encouraging treatise. Wait until you read what Ché unveils about the Father's love as the basis of giving! This book will impact your life. Buy it for your church leadership team, for your friends and for yourself! A new grace is about to come upon your life to taste the miracles of the loving, giving heart of God. Enjoy!

Brian Simmons, The Apostolic Resource Center, New England; translator, The Passion Translation Project

It's been a privilege to spend time with Ché and Sue Ahn for more than fifteen years, and during that time my life has been transformed by the simple obedience and massive faith that I see in the way they live. Ché is one of the most generous men I've ever known! In almost forty years of ministry, I've read many books on giving and finances, but this book may be the best I've ever read! The Grace of Giving presents a comprehensive theology for generosity. Beyond that, Ché shares his own story and his heart after God in an absolutely contagious manner. Read this book from cover to cover, and you will never be the same!

Charles Stock, senior pastor, Life Center Ministries, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

The Grace of Giving is a radical departure from the culture of greed that is so prevalent in our society. In this powerful book, Ché Ahn takes us on a journey straight to the heart of our generous Father, unearths the lie of our orphan identity and reveals the foundational truth of our position as heirs of the King. This book is a must-read for every Christian who longs to be transformed into the image of Christ in order to change the world. I highly recommend it!

Kris Vallotton, senior associate leader, Bethel Church, Redding, California; cofounder, Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry

A generation ago, we saw waves of serious criticism against the "prosperity gospel." However, The Grace of Giving is a different kind of book on prosperity for this new generation and for generations to come. Ché Ahn is able to explain prosperity as God's will for His people in such a clear and gentle way that I can assure you it will not provoke a fresh wave of criticism. It will help lift the whole Body of Christ to a new and more fruitful level!

C. Peter Wagner, vice president, Global Spheres, Inc.

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