The God Guarantee

Finding Freedom from the Fear of Not Having Enough

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"Not enough" is the theme of our day. Fear, scarcity, and inequality dominate the media cycle and are constant companions in our culture. While 74 percent of Americans believe in God, we can feel our world changing in ways that simply seem out of control. We want to cling to a sovereign and loving God who tells us repeatedly in Scripture to "fear not," yet it is estimated that nearly 90 percent of his followers have a scarcity mentality rooted in fear.

Five times in Scripture, Jesus showed us a pattern to deal with fear and how to access his abundant provision, both spiritually and practically. In The God Guarantee, Jack Alexander uncovers the four steps in this pattern, showing readers how to live it out in order to experience true abundance. Far from a prosperity gospel, this book is not about how to get rich quick, how to manage your money, or how to give it all away. Instead, it will change the reader's conversations about finances completely and, as a result, will transform the way they see and access God's provision in every single area of their lives.


"An observation about Jack's insightful, helpful volume. It's not a devotional. But it will send you to your knees."

Timothy Keller, senior pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church; author of The Reason for God

"In The God Guarantee, Jack Alexander exposes fear as the underlying enemy of generous giving. He calls us to trust God and value community, and he makes it easier to do so with the perspectives he brings and the stories he tells."

Randy Alcorn, author of The Treasure Principle

"Jack Alexander is a close friend, mentor, brother, and successful businessman who is one of the most insightful students of Scripture I know. Some books reinforce what I already know and others say it better than I've heard it before, but great books create a 'paradigm shift' in my mind to see life, God, and myself like never before. The God Guarantee is one of those books and I highly recommend it."

Chip Ingram, teaching pastor for Living on the Edge; author of The Real God

"Jack Alexander engages in deep, radical thinking about our lives in God's world. He sees that the gestures of Holy Communion (take, bless, break, give) readily morph into the truths of our daily lives. From there he ponders inviting holiness into our lives, whereby everything (including our money) is transformed. I find Jack's theological sensibility both acute and reliable, and I am grateful for his witness."

Walter Brueggemann, professor emeritus at Columbia Theological Seminary; author of The Prophetic Imagination

"Jack drills deeply into the topic of fear and helps us identify where we are in our belief systems and how to move into the freedom of the abundant life Jesus promised . . . . I highly recommend this book, as I know it will be a guide and an encouragement."

Ron Blue, founding director of Kingdom Advisors and Ronald Blue & Company; author of Master Your Money

"Far too often we base our security on our own efforts and stockpiled resources, rather than on God's repeated guarantee to care for his children. Jack Alexander insightfully illustrates how true security comes from knowing and believing in the Lord who multiplied the loaves and fishes, giving us the confidence to reach out to others as he calls us to do."

Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family; author of The Good Dad

"The God Guarantee is a must-read for everyone who names Christ and will give you a truly accurate biblical understanding of prosperity and scarcity. . . . While this book does not claim to be theological, it is filled with sold biblical theology. It is a book you will read again and again."

Michael Youssef, president of Leading the Way Ministries

"I am deeply grateful that my friend Jack Alexander has written this book. He reminds us that the generosity journey is a spiritual one. It begins with understanding God's perfect example of generosity and manifests in our move from duty to devotion. This makes this book less about giving and more about generous living."

Jay Hein, president of the Sagamore Institute; former director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

"This book is both heartwarming and provocative. It will warm your heart by revealing the largeness of God in fresh, new ways. It provokes, not through guilt manipulation, but by fostering a desire to attain all God intended for us."

John D. Beckett, chairman and CEO of the R.W. Beckett Corporation; author of Loving Monday and Mastering Monday 

"Despite the certainty of our salvation in Christ, we struggle to believe that God intended us to live an abundant life. We alternate between the extremes of hope and despair, reluctant to rest in the guarantee of God's provision. Jack Alexander opens up his heart and life experience to help us discard scarcity thinking in favor of the God-given promise of abundance."

Cheryl A. Bachelder, CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen; author of Dare to Serve

"As a person who often battles anxiety concerning provision for the future, I've found in Jack's book a lifeline about the reality of God's abundant nature. My faith in God's commitment to me has been strengthened in knowing Jack and reading this book."

Todd Harper, president of Generous Giving

"When Jack Alexander invited God into the world of his business dealings, he had no idea what treasures he would discover. His amazing business successes pale in comparison to the golden spiritual nuggets he has uncovered and chronicled in The God Guarantee."

Robert Lupton, founder and president of FCS Urban Ministries; author of Toxic Charity

"In The God Guarantee, Jack Alexander answers the fundamental question, 'Will I have enough?' Jack helps us understand that because of our great God's love and care for us, not only will we have everything we need, but we are also free to be generous to others."

Dr. Crawford W. Loritts Jr., pastor, author, speaker, and radio host

"This book masterfully connects the dots between faith, community, generosity, and real life. Read it now and your view of possibility will be greater!"

Jeff Shinabarger, founder of Plywood People; author of More or Less

"I love to give. I love being around givers; therefore, to read a book written by a giver genuinely ministers to me. The God Guarantee deals with the reality of fear. Learn how fear was never intended to paralyze you but to inspire you to be generous."

Johnny Hunt, senior pastor, First Baptist Church Woodstock

"Modern society has perfected the art of telling us we are never enough. Meanwhile, God tells us we are enough because he is enough. And there's the tension. Who will we believe? Jack invites us to live in the freedom of enough and to experience the joy of a generous life."

Pamela Pugh, cofounder and chairman of the board, Women Doing Well Initiatives

"Physicians know not to treat symptoms, but to treat the problem causing the symptoms. Jack identifies the root problem for feeling there is not enough money, time to serve, or emotional energy to give of ourselves. He then skillfully uses many personal and biblical examples to create a solution to this core problem--by creating a feeling of security and capacity."

Richard L. Jackson, CEO, Jackson Healthcare

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    Jack Alexander

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