The Glory of the Messiah

An Adult Coloring Book

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A Creative Journey With the Messiah

While we may think we know what the Bible says about the Messiah, is it possible we can know more? Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, this one-of-a-kind coloring book will expand your understanding of the Scriptures and the Jewish roots of faith in Jesus, and help you know the Messiah in a new way.

Each time you turn the page, you'll find a hand-drawn illustration, a key Hebrew word with its English translation, and Scripture passages. The first Bible text is a key prophecy, followed by its New Testament fulfillment in the Messiah. Together they present a beautiful expression of Bible truths and reassurance of God's faithfulness.

As you color and create, open your heart to meditate on these prophecies--and their completion in Jesus. You'll discover the glory of the Messiah anew.

The Author

  1. Susan Perlman

    Susan Perlman

    Susan Perlman, after finding her Jewish Messiah, left a career track in the early 1970s to help launch Jews for Jesus. She is the associate executive director and communications director for the organization. To learn more visit

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