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Upholding Christian Values in a Mass Media World

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Sex. Graphic killings. Profanity. Adultery. Flip on the television, head for the movie theater, or open a newspaper and you can't get away from it. How do you raise a family in a world supersaturated with media extolling toxic values that are not your own? Media critic Dr. Ted Baehr and legendary entertainer Pat Boone draw from their own extensive experiences and interviews with experts to help readers understand the power of the media and its influence on families. They also examine the ongoing threats to family values by those in the media who promote a humanistic worldview. Media consumers are challenged to understand their own worldviews, make wise choices, and are given the information they need to do so. Baehr and Boone also look at the progress that has been made in family values programming in Hollywood and offer hope for the future.

The Authors

  1. Ted Baehr

    Ted Baehr

    Ted Baehr is publisher of Movieguide and chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission, as well as a noted critic, educator, lecturer, and media pundit. He is a popular speaker and the author of several books including Narnia...

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  2. Pat Boone

    Pat Boone

    Pat Boone was second only to Elvis in the 1950s as the most popular singer of that decade. In his trademark white buck shoes, Boone skyrocketed to fame with hits such as Two Hearts, Ain't That A Shame, I Almost Lost My Mind, Letters in the Sand, and Sugar...

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