The 24-Hour Turn-Around, Repackaged Edition

Change Your Life One Hour at a Time

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The life you want is just 24 hours away.

The greatest hurdle to changing your life is the first step--the actual decision to do it. After that, anything is possible. The decision takes only a moment, but its impact will last a lifetime.

With time-tested advice and inspiring examples, The 24-Hour Turn-Around challenges you to grab hold of life's vast possibilities. It shows you how to use 24 one-hour time periods to

· set achievable goals
· break bad habits
· improve your self-esteem
· control anxiety and fear
· increase your motivation
· use time and money wisely
· strive for excellence and integrity
· develop humor and enthusiasm
· take time for daily renewal
· and more!

The specific, practical insight and motivating stories inside these pages will help you turn your life in the direction you want it to go. What are you waiting for?

The Authors

  1. Jim Hartness

    Jim Hartness

    Jim Hartness was trained in psychotherapy at the University of North Carolina graduate school and is a counselor, a seminar and conference speaker, and the author of Escape: Freedom from Life's Greatest Traps.

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  2. Neil Eskelin

    Neil Eskelin

    Neil Eskelin is a distinguished motivational speaker and the author of Leading with Love and What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do.

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