Single Servings

90 Devotions to Feed Your Soul

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Do you . . .
Ever wonder why your past relationships didn't work?
Struggle with the expectations someone else has placed on your life?
Want a better way to connect with other people?

Christian singles often struggle with loneliness, physical desires, longings, or expectations. And while many find short-term solutions in our postmodern culture, author Lee Warren, himself a thirtysomething single, wants you to discover the lasting solutions that only God can provide.

Single Servings is a collection of ninety devotionals that offers an honest look at the struggles-and benefits-of the single life. Sharing both biblical and contemporary stories, Lee Warren encourages Christians to find satisfaction in Christ. Whether you're ready to settle down or are looking for something more out of life, Single Servings can help you face worldly pressures, focus on your future, and discover true community.


"Single Christians are often overlooked in the church and in other areas of life. This devotional touches them right where they are."--Tara Dawn Christensen, Miss America 1997, speaker and singer

"Single Servings will touch your heart, encourage your soul, and allow you to enjoy an intimate 'dinner' with your One True Love--Jesus Christ."--Carol Van Atta, inspirational speaker, author, Slaying the Shadows

The Author

  1. Lee Warren

    Lee Warren

    Lee Warren has been the singles columnist for Christianity Online and has also written articles for Decision, Victory, Light and Life, Cross and Quill, and Live Wire. He currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska.

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