Singing through the Night

Courageous Stories of Faith from Women in the Persecuted Church

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In their darkest times they discovered the most beautiful songs.

There are many untold stories of the persecuted church--stories of women who bravely follow Christ at any cost. This stirring book reveals the lives of eleven women in nine different countries around the world. They have lost husbands, children, homes, jobs, or their very freedom and yet continue to praise and serve their Lord.

The lessons that these courageous women learned in tough times will help you persevere and endure whatever hardships come your way. Their stories will ignite your passion and gratitude for the basic right to worship God. May they inspire you, too, to sing through the night.


"In her introduction to Singing Through the Night, Anneke Companjen says, 'Christians around the world need each other and we can learn from one another.' This is certainly true for us in the West as we read these amazing and many times heartbreaking stories of women of faith in the midst of the most appalling persecution. We need to read these stories, as they will change the perspective of our own lives and cause us more diligently to pray for our sisters, whose faith radiates the love of Jesus in suffering."--Fiona Castle, speaker and author, UK

"Real women, deep pain, incredible suffering and enduring faith. Anneke Companjen introduces us to people who will touch our hearts and turn us more earnestly to prayer. An inspiring book to read alone or with a group."--Robin Claydon, speaker, author, and evangelist , Australia

The Author

  1. Anneke Companjen

    Anneke Companjen

    Anneke Companjen is the author of Hidden Sorrow, Lasting Joy. In her travels as a missionary with her husband, Johan Companjen, the president of Open Doors International, Anneke has witnessed firsthand the persecution women endure in many parts of the...

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