Since the Beginning

Interpreting Genesis 1 and 2 through the Ages

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Few passages in the Hebrew Bible have been subject to more scrutiny than Genesis 1 and 2. In this volume, a diverse international team of experts guides readers through interpretations of the Genesis creation stories throughout history, inviting readers to consider perspectives from the earliest times to the present.

Written with the capabilities and needs of students in mind, this book offers an accurate description of how Genesis 1 and 2 have been read through the centuries and explains each interpretive approach in its own terms. Each chapter includes sidebars and suggestions for further reading. Since the Beginning is well suited for courses on the Old Testament, Genesis and creation, the history of interpretation, and science and religion. It will also appeal to teachers, pastors, and others following the creation debates and discussions.

Preface Kyle R. Greenwood
1. Old Testament Reverberations of Genesis 1-2 Kyle R. Greenwood
2. Interpretations of Genesis 1-2 in Second Temple Jewish Literature Michael D. Matlock
3. New Testament Appropriations of Genesis 1-2 Ira Brent Driggers
4. Early Rabbinic Interpretations of Genesis 1-2 Joel S. Allen
5. Interpretations of Genesis 1-2 among the Ante-Nicene Fathers Stephen O. Presley
6. Interpretations of Genesis 1-2 among the Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers C. Rebecca Rine
7. Medieval Jewish Interpretations of Genesis 1-2 Jason Kalman
8. Medieval Christian Interpretations of Genesis 1-2 Timothy Bellamah, OP
9. Interpretations of Genesis 1-2 among the Protestant Reformers Jennifer Powell McNutt
10. Rediscovery of the Ancient Near East and Its Implications for Genesis 1-2 David T. Tsumura
11. Post-Darwinian Interpretations of Genesis 1-2 Aaron T. Smith
Postscript Kyle R. Greenwood


"One important role scholars have is putting information on the table for consideration. In our time, this is crucial for the early chapters of Genesis. As the relationship between science and the Bible is under constant discussion, many think that a long-standing consensus in church history is being challenged. In this book, however, readers discover that this perceived consensus is actually a controversy that has stretched throughout the history of interpretation. Here they discover the multiplicity of voices and interpretations that have characterized the discussion--always in the context of today's issues. Such valuable information gives us pause for thought before concluding that Christianity has always been of one mind about these issues. This is an extremely important volume that elegantly addresses these fundamental questions."

John H. Walton, professor of Old Testament, Wheaton College

The Author

  1. Kyle R. Greenwood

    Kyle R. Greenwood

    Kyle R. Greenwood (PhD, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion) has taught at Colorado Christian University and Denver Seminary. He is the author of Scripture and Cosmology: Reading the Bible Between the Ancient World and Modern Science.

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