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Allison Allen made a career of being someone else. Formerly a professional actor and now a highly sought-after Bible teacher, she knows a thing or two about playing a role. But, she says, all of us play roles nearly all of the time, and it's exhausting. We walk into a room, figure out who we're supposed to be in this context, slip into character, and say the lines we know we should say. We become someone else. Maybe we tell ourselves it's some version of us, but deep down we know this inauthentic role is not what God wants for our lives--and it's not what we want either.

With fascinating personal stories and sharp insight into human nature, Allison Allen calls each woman to drop the brave act and step into the role of a lifetime--being her real self, no matter what the critics might say. She gives women permission to talk about, rather than around, the things they feel, freeing them to step out of the shadows and into the light of God's true calling.


"I love the idea that our calling as Christ followers is where our deep gladness and the world's deep hunger intersects (as Francis Schaeffer said), so when I found out my dear and brilliant friend Allison was writing a book on essentially that very subject, my heart did backflips! Shine is a literary match that will ignite the fuel in your soul purposed to burn brightly for the sake of the gospel. It led me to an internal trust-fall through which I took a leap of faith and landed more fully in the abundant life God designed specifically for me. The life-giving content on these pages has the power to fill your sails with holy wind and literally change the trajectory of your story!"

Lisa Harper, bestselling author and Bible teacher

"Allison Allen and I are quite opposite to the casual observer. I'm a man, she's a woman. I'm short, she's tall. I'm bald, she's a brunette. She can dance, I cannot. She can sing, I cannot. I skate, she doesn't. But...we both have strong marriages and two biological sons. We belong to the same church. We love Jesus and have stepped on some pretty big stages to perform under immense pressure. In this book Allison shares stories of conquering fear, pain, and rejection that uniquely paved the way toward growth, joy, and wisdom. She teaches us to rise above it all and experience God's beautiful light. You will most definitely be inspired."

Scott Hamilton, Olympic figure skating champion; sports commentator; inspirational speaker; cancer survivor

"I loved Allison the moment I laid eyes on her. She is kind and warm, funny and deep. Through her beautifully transparent story, you and I are encouraged to step out of the shadows of fear and self-doubt and in Jesus's name, shine!"

Sheila Walsh, author of In The Middle of the Mess; co-host of LIFE Today

"Is your heart 'a chapel full of dreams'? Take Allison's hand--she knows the narrow path to true brilliance. I've been warmed by her presence and inspired by her gifts. Trust me, Allison is a candelabra of hope for those who long to shine."

Patsy Clairmont, speaker; artist; author of You Are More Than You Know

"Imagine the director of your favorite Broadway production personally inviting you (yes, you!) to take a tour behind the curtain--to see all the trade secrets from the glowing tape on the floor to the lighting fixtures above. And imagine that while you're there, the Lord shows up to speak directly to the place in your soul that's been desperate for a word from him. That is Shine. That is the beautiful, transparent, and genuinely encouraging journey to which my friend Allison Allen invites her readers."

Teasi Cannon, author of My Big Bottom Blessing: How Hating My Body Led to Loving My Life

"Shine is so inspiring, honest, and thought-provoking. I am confident it will cause whoever reads it to take a step of bravery into what it is that God has planned for them."

Jeremy and Adie Camp, songwriters and recording artists

"The word brilliant can be applied to a light or a person. In this case the person (Allison) points us to the Light of the World as the place to find our spot to stand on this stage of life and show up in the full measure of ourselves--not as a selfish pursuit of ego fulfillment but as an offering to the Lord of the Dance, the ultimate Casting Director. He designed us each for such a time as this. Thank you, Allison, for reminding us that our lives are each a unique offering, and our roles essential to his story."

Anita Renfroe, comedian and author

"I love the way Allison weaves her written words into the living, breathing, vibrant visual images of her life. In beautiful and practical ways, she makes it possible for every woman to identify with so much of what she says. Readers will be encouraged, reaffirmed, and inspired--and most of all, they will be drawn in new and compelling ways to keep Christ at the center of their hearts and lives."

Cynthia Ulrich Tobias, author of A Woman of Strength and Purpose

"If you think books on 'being real' and 'finding your authentic self' have fallen prey to cliché, read Allison Allen's Shine! Allison's hunger to live free from her self-made typecast made me want to settle for nothing less, and her brilliant word pictures removed all doubt that you--and I--can step off the treadmill of performing for who knows who, in order to land the role of a lifetime, the role that fits you like a glove, the role you alone were created to fulfill."

Michele Pillar, speaker; Grammy-nominated singer; author of Untangled

"In Shine, Allison Allen lends a seasoned voice to the postmodern conversation about value. With humility, heart, and hope, she implores us to emerge from the shadows of fear-based social constructs and take our place in the light of the One who transcends them all. A timely word delivered in a memorably creative way."

Constance Rhodes, founder and CEO of FINDINGbalance, Inc.; author of The Art of Being: Reflections on the Beauty and the Risk of Embracing Who We Are

"In her beautifully written and scripturally sound book, Allison Allen has constructed a wildly creative manifesto for women who long to move from the spiritual shadows into the glorious light of Jesus's calling. Whether you are fried from staying in character all the time, or you long for glow-in-the-dark hope, or you simply need a fellow sojourner to whisper to your soul, 'It's time to shine,' Shine is a book with your name on it. Keep turning the pages, and find yourself deeply changed in the process."

Steve Berger, senior pastor, Grace Chapel, Leiper's Fork, TN; speaker; author of Between Heaven and Earth: Finding Hope, Courage, and Passion through a Fresh Vision of Heaven

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  1. Allison Allen

    Allison Allen

    Allison Allen is a graduate of the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University and appeared in 650 performances of the Broadway production of Grease. A former Women of Faith dramatist and current Bible teacher, she speaks to women at conferences and retreats...

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