Shift Your Thinking for a Deeper Faith

99 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship with God, Others, and Yourself

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In the busyness of life, it's easy to get distracted and disconnected from the many promises God has made about who he is, the strength we find in him, and the abundance of spiritual tools, abilities, and assets we have at our disposal. These are not necessarily things we have to search out to acquire--they already exist within us. And Dean Del Sesto wants to help you access them every day.

With hard-hitting truths, memorable quotes, and powerful perspective shifts, Del Sesto helps you connect (or reconnect) at a deeper level to the power, potential, and purpose you already have so that you can live your life with greater freedom, resilience, and wisdom. Perfect for business professionals on the go, the busy student, the active parent, and anyone who needs a boost of spiritual strength at any time, this book promises to help you live your life from an internal resolve rather than in reaction to your external circumstances.


"'Refreshed!' If I were asked to use one word to describe Shift Your Thinking for a Deeper Faith, it would be, 'Refreshed!' Each page is like taking a deep breath of fresh, crisp, clean mountain air. While it may be tempting to read multiple sections per day, I encourage you to read only one and let it resonate throughout the day. Each 'shift' offers a wealth of insight that can occupy your thought life for one full rotation of the earth . . ."

Reverend Mark Fitter, founder of Pastors in Transition

"There's something about Dean Del Sesto's perspective that speaks to me more powerfully than most other authors, especially on this topic of strengthening our relationship with God and others. I think it's because Dean is a business leader--he processes his own relationship with God and others through a pragmatic lens. As a result, his challenges and epiphanies are quite bold, intentional, direct, and convicting. This is a book you'll read if you're ready to have someone do some deep work with your soul (in a good way.)"

Shelley Leith, director of church relations, Zondervan; coauthor, Character Makeover

"As you read this book, it will read you. By combining powerful biblical exhortations with quick, convicting points of application, Dean provides a clear mirror to help Christians see themselves more honestly. Dean's goal: Honest spiritual evaluations followed by realistic applications for a deeper walk with the living God. Goal achieved!"

Chaplain R. Steve Lowe, founder and president, Pacific Youth Correctional Ministries

"Dean Del Sesto writes with such precision and insight that it illumines the deep spiritual truths that otherwise can get lost in their complexity. This book is enlightening, vision casting, and immensely accessible to anyone desiring to experience more of God in their everyday lives."

Jeff Tacklind, pastor; author, The Winding Path of Transformation

"Beware! Dean Del Sesto's latest book may well 'afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted!' For those on the Christian path who desire deeper experience of God and his promised abundant life, Dean offers insightful wisdom and concrete challenges to help us clean out the cobwebs of limiting beliefs and behaviors. With flashes of brilliance, he points out our habits of falling into lethargic and mechanical prayer, service, and relationships with God and others. But he doesn't leave us without vision for a different way! Offering a recommended question to ponder or practice to embrace, he helps us move down the road toward change and deeper growth. Shift Your Thinking for a Deeper Faith offers insights and challenges that will energize your personal devotional life and serve as a rich source of discussion with friends and groups."

Helen Steinkamp, cofounder, Marketplace Women; retreat facilitator; spiritual director

"Dean Del Sesto's writing is more than good; it's extraordinarily thought provoking. Here's one of his witticisms that catches the reader as Dean encourages us to consider how we relate to others on a daily basis with our eyes: 'Eye contact is I contact.' Most devotional-style books are limited by how much can be said in a one-page format. Dean is a master of one-liners and deep sophisticated, thinking. He takes just one page to share fresh ideas, new perspectives, inspiration, and motivation designed to help us contemplate and apply spiritual truths in a unique and fresh way."

Milan Yerkovich, founder, Relationship 180; marriage counselor; coauthor, How We Love and How We Love Our Kids; cohost of the nationally syndicated counseling talk show New Life Live

"For most people, time multiplies their words but clouds their perspectives. Classrooms often add syllables while they subtract clarity. Most of us long for someone who can take the most challenging subject and reduce it to wisdom that can be understood and then incorporated. In this book, Dean addresses the most foundational questions of the Christian life and illuminates them in ways that will allow the thoughtful reader to come to new convictions that are, upon engagement, transformational. Take the time to ponder these pages; you'll never be the same."

Bob Shank, CEO, The Master's Program; author, Life Mastery

"I really love this book and I need this book even more. Too often I find short format Christian writing to be pithy, though the truths in Shift Your Thinking for a Deeper Faith cut deep and beg for a response. I am grateful this book exists for followers of Jesus like myself as it challenges the cruise control habits of our faith and compassionately presents a more fulfilling way to follow after the heart of God. Dean is a master wordsmith and truth-teller, and we get the opportunity to listen in."

Ryan Leith, psychotherapist

"There are times when coming up with topics to discuss at small groups or meetings can be a challenge. Shift Your Thinking for a Deeper Faith has 99 of them that will spur great conversations and resonate at a deep level with how we can be living out our Christian life. It firmly but gracefully connects the reader to what God says is true, inspiring us to live a fuller life simply by abiding in what is inherently ours."

Dave Dias, vice president, InterWest; author, Sales Ethos and Building Long Term Client Value

"Dean's brilliance is in his ability to give words that readers crave in their soul but don't always know how to say. If you're needing a fresh take on your way forward, you've just found it."

Dane Sanders, author and founder at

"It's refreshing when a book comes along that offers so many transformational perspectives to bring more fulfillment to our Christian life and our relationship with God and others. Powerful yet graceful, Dean encourages new thinking to help us live to our potential--spiritually, personally, and professionally."

Beth Ganem, executive pastor, Mariners Church

"Shift Your Thinking for a Deeper Faith offers insights into how to live your faith differently and look through the lens of how you may serve others and the Kingdom in richer ways. His books are disrupters--as he says, dismantling comes before reassembly can begin. Among the many gems that speak to me are 'It is "Christ-like" behavior that can influence others to "like Christ"', 'Move at the pace of awareness, not your agenda', and 'God's church is a wide-open playground for us to practice acceptance, compassion, and empathy or judgment, indifference, and separatism.' Read it and reap!"

Rick McCarthy, Convene chair; coauthor, Defining Moments: Transformational Faith-Based Travel series

"Dean's thoughtful humility and penetrating insights call us into a deeper consideration of what it means to lead a sustainably meaningful life of faith. I am grateful for the invitation to examine who or what I have put my faith in from moment to moment throughout my day." 

Daniel L. Tocchini, founder, D3 Digital; author, US and In the Twinkle of an "I"

"There are a lot of books that invite you to a richer way of living the Christian life; to have more of what God has to offer us. This book does it in a way that is intensely practical and is rare in its directness and approach. It is also unique in that it covers so many aspects of our walk. It's like a lot of books in one. If you're looking to live a more confident, clear life, one where your relationship with God and others moves to a new level of intimacy and fulfillment, read this book!"

Brian Thatcher, founder, Convene

"This book gracefully disrupts the beliefs and assumptions about what doesn't work on a Christian's journey through life and is chock full of straight-to-the-point wisdom. If you reflect upon and attempt to apply what you read, I believe you will experience more of what Jesus calls 'the abundant life' one full of more joy and peace even in the midst of chaos and significant challenges. It may well disrupt some of your long-standing spiritual perspectives, and if so, they may be replaced with those truths that our Lord truly wants us all to experience."

Dr. Darrell Passwater, former professor, Crowell School of Business,
Biola University; Convene chair

"Dean Del Sesto has clearly been called to step into our busy lives as hard-working Christians with the ongoing reminder to keep God in the center of all aspects of life, business, and relationships. It's in times like we're in today when we need bold, active Christians to live out their faith, positively influencing and inspiring those who are lost and bringing God into the equation. Dean's most recent book, Shift Your Thinking for a Deeper Faith, is an excellent read based on biblical truths that will challenge, inspire, and encourage you to live in the fullness of what God has for you and others."

Paul Aubin, VP on the executive leadership team of Convene; elder at Mariners Church in Irvine, CA; author of adoption-focused books

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