Sheep in Wolves' Clothing, 2nd Edition

How Unseen Need Destroys Friendship and Community and What to Do about It

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Many pastors have relinquished their hope for true relationships in their congregations, instead just settling for surviving. Some pastors expect their churches to be embroiled in petty controversies or vicious conflicts. Others have left the ministry.

Many disputes that divide churches are related to the unrecognized dynamics of transference, the confusing effect of a person transferring unresolved memories and feelings from the past to someone in the present. When this dynamic goes unrecognized, everyone suffers, and especially those doing the transferring--the sheep in wolves' clothing.

But the light of understanding can shine when transference is identified. And God's healing can reach not only those who are objects of transference, but also those who are transferring. Disguised in loathsome furry garments, the latter can be helped out of their wolf skins and into their true identity as sons and daughters of God.

Sheep in Wolves' Clothing contains helpful anecdotes that illustrate the clearly defined terms and concepts. Checklists help readers identify if they are transferring or are being transferred upon, and shows them what they can do.


"This keenly insightful book pulls back the disguises and self-deceptions that keep transference invisible to others and to ourselves. In so doing, it helps us heal our most precious relationships, and points us toward God, the true object of our deepest longings."
--Jeffrey Satinover, MD, psychiatrist and author

The Author

  1. Valerie J. McIntyre

    Valerie J. McIntyre

    Valerie J. McIntyre is an associate of Leanne Payne and a member of her Pastoral Care Ministries' team. She is actively involved in the ministry of her local church and serves as the administrator of the Pastoral Care Ministry schools held in the United States and...

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"This is a valuable look at an issues which you'll undoubtably face sooner or later in your counseling ministry. You'll be much better prepared to deal with it if you read this book first."--Exodus Inner Circle (May 1999)