Right Here, Right Now

Everyday Mission for Everyday People

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No matter where you are, you are on a mission

You have concern for others. You want to be involved in solutions. You want to live your life for Jesus. You want to be a missional Christian. But what does that really mean? How can you live out God's mission in the world, right here, right now?

In this inspiring yet practical book, Alan Hirsch and Lance Ford show you how to live missionally regardless of your situation, vocation, or location. Touching on issues of discipleship, spirituality, and church at every level of experience, Right Here, Right Now calls you to be the person God has made you to be.


"Alan and Lance offer a theory of the everyday for those who know that history is made in the present. . . . I hope they start a revolution."--from the foreword by Erwin McManus, author, Wide Awake

"Finally, a book that takes all the missional theory and turns it into practical reality for the average person. I can't think of a more important topic for followers of Jesus everywhere to be learning and living out."--Dan Kimball, author, They Like Jesus but Not the Church

"The missional church movement doesn't focus on doing church better; it is about being church better in the world, where the mission of God is under way. God already has his people deployed in every domain of culture, so the challenge is releasing the church to be the church where it already is. Right Here, Right Now is a powerful new resource for this strategy. It is both inspirational and instructional for serious Jesus-followers who understand church as a verb."--Reggie McNeal, author, The Present Future and Missional Renaissance

"In Right Here, Right Now, my friends Alan Hirsch and Lance Ford help us raise up a movement of people on mission. For too long, missional church writings have focused on pastors and neglected people. Alan and Lance help us involve all God's people in God's mission."--Ed Stetzer, president, LifeWay Research

"Alan Hirsch and Lance Ford help us to see our role as missionaries in the twenty-first century in their outstanding book Right Here, Right Now. You will never again see yourself as just another average Christian. Alan and Lance help us see how every one of us can play a role in God's mission here and now."--Dave Ferguson, lead pastor, Community Christian Church; movement leader, NewThing

"Although Alan and Lance have influenced leaders of the highest calling, this book is for the peasants. You, me, and your friends . . . maybe every Christian who wants Jesus to wink at them, give them the thumbs up, and say, 'Now that's how I wanted you to live!'"--Hugh Halter, author, AND, The Tangible Kingdom, and TK Primer

"With this book, the writing on the missional church has gone from QED (Quod Erat Demonstrandum--'which was to be demonstrated') to QEF (Quod Erat Faciendum--'which was to be done'). Hirsch and Ford believe that we've 'demonstrated' enough. It's now time for 'doing.' This book shows how to be missional 'Right Here, Right Now.'"--Leonard Sweet, professor, Drew Theological School, George Fox University

"If you are looking for a compass to navigate your neighborhood toward the gospel, this book will point you in the right direction."--Frank Viola, author, From Eternity to Here and Reimagining Church

"Most Christian leaders have discovered the great depth of learning that my friend Alan Hirsch has brought to the American church. I am glad that you now have the opportunity to learn from my friend Lance Ford as well. These are voices that are equipping a missional church to be prepared for the future, right here, right now."--Neil Cole, director, Church Multiplication Associates; author, Organic Church and Organic Leadership

"In Right Here, Right Now, Alan Hirsch and Lance Ford challenge us to live as agents of God's kingdom in every possible arena of our lives. A compelling read for everyone who longs to see authentic discipleship transform our world."--Felecity Dale, House2House Ministries; author, An Army of Ordinary People

"We have a saying in Idaho where hunting is a vital part of our livelihood and culture: 'If you're going to shoot a flying duck, you have to lead it.' As a Christian leader who passionately longs to be effective in ministering the gospel in a rapidly changing world, I am desperate to grasp a prophetic understanding of where our culture is headed. In the book Right Here, Right Now, Alan Hirsch and Lance Ford not only lead the cultural duck, but provide insightful, precise vision for church leaders to be ready to pull the trigger--positioned to make impact."--Tri Robinson, author, Rooted in Good Soil; senior pastor, Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Boise, Idaho

"In this world where social responsibility and connectedness are coming together, people are going to volunteer and serve one another--regardless of faith or no faith. Volunteer statistics for our nation and the world for that matter are at an all-time high. The question is, why do we do it and what is our goal and the outcome that we see coming from it? Depending on how we answer that question, our approach is determined. What does it mean for a follower of Jesus to serve others? What are the implications? Why do we do it? Lance and Alan answer these questions and more for everyday followers of Jesus. Enough talk among the pastors and church leaders, enough focus on building and growing and reinventing the church. This mission and calling is for all of us. This book pushes the conversation in a healthy theological and practical way in that direction."--Bob Roberts Jr., senior pastor, NorthWood Church; author, Realtime Connections

The Authors

  1. Alan Hirsch

    Alan Hirsch

    Alan Hirsch is founder of Forge Mission Training Network, Future Travelers, and 100Movements. He has authored numerous award-winning books, including The Shaping of Things to Come; ReJesus; The Faith of Leap; Untamed; Right Here,...

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  2. Lance Ford

    Lance Ford

    Lance Ford is the cofounder and director of Shapevine.com, and the former director of the Northwood Church Multiplication Center. With more than 20 years of experience as a pastor and church planter, Lance is a writer, coach, consultant, and an adjunct...

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