A Wild Messiah for a Missional Church

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ReJesus asks the following questions:

These questions take us to the core of what the church is all about. Rather than reformation, the authors call their task re-founding the church because it raises the issue of the church's true Founder or Foundation. This theme is of particular importance at the dawn of the twenty-first century as many attempt to address Christianity's endemic and long trended decline in the West. The authors feel that a spiritual, theological, missional, and existential crisis looms in the West.


"Frost and Hirsch challenge us to reinstate Jesus as the central focus of our spiritual lives--both as individual disciples and as communities of his people. The Jesus they present is not the domesticated Jesus that we learned about in Sunday school, but the 'loving, wildly passionate, dangerous, radically merciful and always surprising' Jesus portrayed in the Gospels. An encounter with this Jesus transforms us from the inside out and radically changes our approach to mission."--Felicity Dale, author, An Army of Ordinary People

"Frost and Hirsch have done it again! In their characteristic way (heart-pounding in a spiritual sense) they invite us to a journey with God. Don't miss this trip!"--Reggie McNeal, author, Missional Renaissance

"For anyone in the missional conversation in even the slightest way, this book addresses what is by far the most important thing about it theologically and practically."--Dan Kimball, pastor and author, They Like Jesus but Not the Church

"Frost and Hirsch tear away false characterizations about Jesus and reveal a wild and radical revolutionary . . . anything but boring. This book is a huge leap in the right direction."--Neil Cole, pastor and author, Organic Church

"ReJesus will rock your world--and cause you to reJesus your life, reJesus your church, and reJesus your Bible. Expect 'reJesus' to become a mantra and a mobilization in the revitalization of Christianity in the 21st century."--Leonard Sweet, professor and author, The Gospel according to Starbucks

"ReJesus invites us to pare back layers of tradition, recognize distortion and misrepresentation, read the Gospels afresh, and learn to imitate and follow the wild and radical Jesus. An engaging and challenging example of applied Christology."--Stuart Murray, author, Post-Christendom

The Authors

  1. Michael Frost

    Michael Frost

    Michael Frost is the founding director of the Tinsley Institute, a mission study center at Morling College in Sydney, Australia. He is the author of more than a dozen books including Exiles and The Road to Missional. He lives in Sydney.

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  2. Alan Hirsch

    Alan Hirsch

    Alan Hirsch is founder of Forge Mission Training Network, Future Travelers, and 100Movements. He has authored numerous award-winning books, including The Shaping of Things to Come; ReJesus; The Faith of Leap; Untamed; Right Here,...

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