How Encountering Jesus Changes Everything

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Your life doesn't need a renovation. It needs a restart.

In our self-help culture, we love the idea of improvement. We make over wardrobes and restore houses and commit ourselves to better habits. But we're still left feeling empty and not-quite-enough. That's because what we need is not an upgrade but a complete upending of our lives. We need to be reborn. And it's not something we can do by ourselves.

With deep compassion, Clayton King shares the compelling stories of twelve broken people who came face-to-face with Jesus in the New Testament and got a new start at life. A respected religious leader, an ostracized woman, a despised embezzler, a condemned thief--all of them flawed, sinful, and full of regret--encountered Jesus and were never the same. Along with their stories, King shares contemporary stories of people struggling with addiction, lust, greed, and depression, showing that Jesus still meets people right where they are and changes them from the inside out.

If you're tired of going through the religious motions by your own power and long to experience the radical life and heart change that Jesus promised, it's time for an encounter with Jesus. It's time to be reborn.

"This book will inspire and challenge you."--Mack Brock, worship leader and songwriter 

"Reborn is Clayton at his best."--J. D. Greear, PhD, pastor of The Summit Church, Raleigh-Durham

"You will be spellbound by this book."--Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado, president and CEO of
Compassion International

Clayton King is founder and president of Clayton King Ministries and Crossroads Missions and Summer Camps, professor of evangelism at Anderson University, and teaching pastor at NewSpring Church. The author of more than a dozen books, including Stronger and Overcome, King regularly speaks to hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe. He and his wife, Sharie, are winners of the Young Adult Book of the Year Award from the Christian Retailer's Association for True Love Project. They have two sons and live in South Carolina.


"Clayton King is one of the greatest men I know. Whenever he talks, whether on stage or off stage, it leads to Jesus. This book is full of stories--both biblical and firsthand--about what it looks like when people meet Jesus. It's inspiring and challenging to be reminded of those encounters. This book will inspire and challenge you too."

Mack Brock, worship leader and songwriter 

"For the more than two decades I've preached the gospel with Clayton, I've never known anyone better at opening up the life of Jesus and the struggles of the human heart and showing how these two were made for each other. Reborn is Clayton at his best. Literal tens of thousands have come to faith through Clayton's ministry--maybe you, or someone you love, will be brought to faith through Reborn."

J. D. Greear, PhD, pastor of The Summit Church, Raleigh-Durham

"Reborn embarks you on a journey that awakens your purpose by following trails filled with wonderful stories and eye-opening truths. Clayton King's encounter with Jesus didn't simply change him but inspired him to share what he found in hopes that it would change you as well!"

Joseph Sojourner, pastor of The Studio Gathering and creative director of Two Cents Creative Thinkers

"Reborn proves that a book can be theologically deep, culturally rich, and spiritually uplifting. It's a simple and yet profound look into the person of Jesus Christ as revealed in his interactions with notorious sinners, elite professionals, marginalized outcasts, and fantastic failures. You will be spellbound by this book."

Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado, president and CEO
Compassion International

"Reborn is gospel-focused and theologically deep while remaining practically simple. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be encouraged, and you'll be challenged. Thank you, Clayton, for always reminding us of what matters most."

Michelle Myers, founder of she works HIS way

"Two thousand years after Jesus walked the face of the earth, the gospel hasn't lost an ounce of its power. It's still changing lives, families, cities, and nations. This book is so powerful--it points you to the gospel that can change everything in your life for the better. My friend Clayton King has one primary message in his life, and you can sense his heart beating in the middle of these words for this One thing that changes everything."

Matt Brown, evangelist, author of Truth Plus Love, and founder of Think Eternity

"Clayton King is the most captivating evangelist of our day, and Reborn is his most riveting treatment of the gospel yet. A natural-born storyteller, he draws upon stories from the Bible and everyday life to reveal the gospel's explosive power to transform lives. Buy a copy for yourself and dozen for your friends."

Bruce Riley Ashford, author of The Gospel of Our King and Letters to an American Christian

"Clayton's passion for people is only matched by his passion for Jesus. This book is about these two passions--passions that invite us to rethink ours. Thank you, Clayton, for writing this book and for challenging us."

Naeem Fazal, pastor of Mosaic Church and author of Ex-Muslim

"My friend Clayton has written the book that encapsulates his lifelong mission of showing how encountering Jesus really does change everything. In Reborn, Clayton combines his compelling storytelling ability with rich historical context that sheds refreshing light on New Testament characters. Reborn will make you both laugh and cry, but mostly it will show you again how beautiful Jesus really is."

Bruce Frank, lead pastor of Biltmore Church

"There's something that every leader has to pay attention to, and it's how we treat people. As believers, we are called to a higher standard of treating people. Everyone. Everyone has value because God gave them value. My longtime friend and incredible leader Clayton King is diving into this conversation because it matters, and Clayton lives out this message!"

Tyler Reagin, author of Life-Giving Leader

"Reborn illuminates the full beauty of Jesus and makes you want to share the gospel like you've just experienced it for the first time! In his spectacular Clayton style, the book is brilliant, funny, and deeply emotional. You'll laugh, cry, and ultimately fall in love with Jesus on another level!"

Chuck Balsamo, extraordinary life expert, pastor of Destiny Family Center, speaker, and coach

"Clayton King clearly and authentically unpacks the incredible power of the gospel and the hope found in Jesus. His stories, passion, and insight will give you fresh perspective, whether you're a new believer or longtime follower. It's classic Clayton style--real, funny, and straight to the gut! Jesus is the greatest leader ever, and Reborn illustrates the personal influence with which Jesus changed the world."

Brad Lomenick, author of The Catalyst Leader and H3 Leadership and former president of Catalyst

"Many desire change but believe it just isn't possible. In Reborn, Clayton King shows that the same power of Jesus to change lives in the Bible is presently at work among us. King shares story after story about this radical change, which always begins with Jesus. When we encounter Christ, our lives are transformed. Broken people--like you and me--will find hope in the pages of this book."

Christopher Yuan, DMin, speaker and author of Out of a Far Country and Holy Sexuality and the Gospel

"The message of Reborn is a message everyone needs to hear or hear again. Clayton is a masterful storyteller. He has a way of capturing your imagination and your heart as he connects stories in the Scriptures to stories still unfolding today. He shines light on the reality that Jesus truly does change everything."

Daniel Floyd, senior pastor of Lifepoint Church

"I've always been inspired by Clayton's passion for Jesus. It's contagious and pure and real. Through Reborn, you'll get a front-row seat to this. This book will encourage your faith and open your eyes to the abundance that is in that one Name. It reminds you that hope is here. Some moments can change everything."

Carson Case, speaker, pastor, and author of Born For It

"I was nineteen years old when I first heard Clayton preach the message of what it means to be reborn. Picking up this book years later, I am reminded all over again of the power of the proclamation of the simple gospel. As Clayton writes, 'Jesus extended hope and salvation to real people who desperately needed it.' And one of my favorite things to be able to say about my friend is that he is so much like his Savior that way."

Meredith Knox, training director of Central Fuse and worship leader of NewSpring Church

"Jesus was about people, and Reborn paints a clear picture of just how Jesus treated those he came in contact with. The more I read, the more I was inspired."

Brad Cooper, lead pastor of direction and culture, NewSpring Church

"Riveting. Compelling. Inspiring. Clayton King's Reborn is captivating! What Jesus came to do--seek and save--is put on full display. After reading story after story, encounter after encounter of how people were saved, changed, and reborn, I am ready to charge hell with a bucket of water and a half-loaded water gun! This book will cause every reader to be moved to action. The nonbeliever will meet Jesus instantly. The believer will seek the lost urgently. I. Am. Ready."

James D. Noble, PhD, vice president of diversity and inclusion, Anderson University

"Reborn is a beautiful story woven of powerful testimonies from all around the world. Clayton shares how Jesus has radically changed individuals from the inside out from every nation, and this book was such encouragement for me personally. It's full of hope while telling the full truth of the gospel. I am so thankful it exists!"

Chelsea Hurst, author of Your Own Beautiful and Above All Else

"Reborn proves that a book can be theologically deep, culturally rich, and spiritually uplifting. Clayton's insight takes you deeper into the narrative of the gospel message and portrays Jesus clearly and accurately. As someone who's preached from the Gospels for years, I saw things I'd never seen before as Jesus is painted in a fresh perspective as both a Jewish rabbi and the Son of God. It's a profound look into the Person of Jesus Christ as revealed in his interactions with notorious sinners, elite professionals, marginalized outcasts, and fantastic failures. You will be spellbound by this book."

Nick Hurst, preacher, evangelist, and husband to Chelsae Hurst

"A book for all people. Reborn will captivate the reader with its funny, tearful, deep, and unveiling ride from rich history to modern-day stories about the transformation from death to life through the gospel and love of Jesus Christ."

Joby Martin, lead pastor of The Church of Eleven22, Jacksonville, Florida

"We all have decisions to make every day in our lives, and each decision renders some kind of consequence. If you make the decision to see Clayton preach, the consequence could be that you'll be moved emotionally or you might learn something, but for sure you'll be entertained. If you make the decision to truly meet Jesus, everything will change. Reborn is a wonderful book about people who made life-changing decisions."

Jeff Jarrett, world heavyweight champion, WWE and WCW

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    Clayton King

    Clayton King is founder and president of Clayton King Ministries and Crossroads Missions and Summer Camps, professor of evangelism at Anderson University, and teaching pastor at NewSpring Church. The author of more than a dozen books, including Stronger...

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