Real Presence

The Christian Worldview of C. S. Lewis as Incarnational Reality

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This book is written primarily for all who have loved and benefited from the writings of C. S. Lewis, but it is also for those who would like to step for the first time into Lewis's unique world of understanding. One can only marvel at the Holy Spirit's use of Lewis's talents--not only in the life of the individual believer, but in the ongoing renewal that the Church is experiencing today.


The message of this book is one of joy. It is about Real Christianity, the other life that will be lived in and through us if we will open our minds and hearts to the Spirit. Leanne Payne shows us how--by practicing the Presence of God. This book is based on a profound understanding of C. S. Lewis's spiritual writings, especially those concerning the implications of the Incarnation. Written in simple language, free from theological jargon, it is the best guide on this aspect of Lewis's thought. But it is also excellent on other subjects, including repentance, forgiveness, and the arts. It is difficult to praise too highly this joyful book.
--George Sayer, author of Jack: C. S. Lewis and His Times

A work of startling freshness and genuine spirituality.
--Andrew Walker, director, C. S. Lewis Center

Out of the scores of books that have been written about C. S. Lewis over the years, this is one that has endured. Real Presence is an extremely important contribution to Lewis studies and Christian thought.
--Lyle Dorsett, former director, The Marion E. Wade Center, Wheaton College

It would be difficult to read Real Presence without examining one's own spiritual life in light of C. S. Lewis's insights . . . It is a challenge to live life with new eyes, seeing and experiencing God's Real Presence. Leanne Payne is an excellent guide to this awakening.
--Marjorie Lamp Mead, associate director, The Marion E. Wade Center, Wheaton College

Taps deep springs not only within C. S. Lewis but also within the reader's heart and mind.
--Carolyn Keefe, Church and Synagogue Libraries

Payne carefully and methodically explains the view of Christendom's favorite English don [Lewis] on the relationship between man and God.
--Jon Trott, Cornerstone

The Author

  1. Leanne Payne

    Leanne Payne

    Leanne Payne was founder and president of Pastoral Care Ministries and the author of many articles and books, including Real Presence, Restoring the Christian Soul, and Listening Prayer.

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