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Join in a lifestyle of displaying Jesus' love and power!

The Holy Spirit empowers every believer not only to proclaim but also to demonstrate the reality of the good news of the Gospel by living a lifestyle of signs and wonders that puts Jesus on display. As we look for the Holy Spirit's activity happening around us, listen for His voice and respond in obedience, we enable others to encounter the love and power of Jesus through us. How can we overcome the fear of failure and rejection?

With humor and candid honesty, Brian Blount shares both the struggles and the triumphs of a lifestyle of empowered evangelism. Through practical insights and personal stories, Brian presents biblically based training on how to engage in the mission and ministry of Jesus. You can do this!

"An important book for those wanting or needing to be encouraged to engage in evangelism that rests upon the power of God rather than on the wisdom of man. Practical, inspirational and valuable."--Dr. Randy Clark, overseer, Apostolic Network of Global Awakening; president, Global Awakening Theological Seminary

"Your faith in what God can do today will expand and deepen immeasurably. If you're among those who don't believe that God heals today, or believe that if He does, He does so only rarely, this book is for you."--Sam Storms, Bridgeway Church, Oklahoma City

Brian Blount has spent the last twenty years equipping and training individuals, teams and churches in healing, power evangelism and prophetic ministry. Brian and his wife, Jeanine, are senior pastors of Crestwood Vineyard Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where they live with their six children (including triplets).


"I met Brian Blount on one of the Global trips to Brazil. I was amazed by the anointing on Brian's life and the level of faith for healing. He is the real deal, powerfully anointed, full of faith and bold outside the church, not just within it. Putting Jesus on Display with Love and Power is an important book for those wanting or needing to be encouraged to engage in evangelism that rests upon the power of God rather than on the wisdom of man. Practical, inspirational and valuable. I strongly endorse it."

Randy Clark, D.Min., overseer, Apostolic Network of Global Awakening; president, Global Awakening Theological Seminary; author, Power to Heal, The Healing Breakthrough, There Is More! and Baptized in the Holy Spirit

"Brian Blount is inspiring, as is his book Putting Jesus on Display with Love and Power. Be aware, this book goes beyond inspiration. Brian is what I call a practical theologian. He not only teaches the Bible, but demonstrates it and teaches us how to put it into practice. Jesus came to put an invisible God on display. Brian through this book shows us how to put Jesus on display!"

Bob Hazlett, author, The Roar: God's Sound in a Raging World; www.bobhazlett.org

"Brian Blount's passion for releasing God's love and power, along with his strength in equipping and releasing everyone into the ministry of Jesus, is evident throughout this book. What is most impressive about Brian is that he sees these miracles right where he lives--on the streets of his city, on the phone or over the internet--as God's power flows through him. This book will give you the encouragement you need to 'step across the chicken line' and move into the joy of purpose fulfilled."

Dr. Mike Hutchings, director of education, Global School of Supernatural Ministry, Global Certification Programs, Global Awakening

"If an ordinary Jesus-loving father of six can regularly pray for people to be healed at the drive-thru, in a shopping mall and on Uber rides, then so can you! This is the message and the lifestyle of Brian Blount. Brian is the real deal in every way and has done a meticulous job of documenting his many adventures, including both successes and failures. Read and be encouraged that you, too, can put Jesus on display every day."

Dianne Leman, founding senior pastor, The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois

"I love Brian for his humanity, humility, honesty and lack of hype. He lives a lifestyle of putting Jesus on display and is passionately committed to training and equipping others to do the same. This book is, quite simply, the best practical how-to guide I've read concerning power evangelism. I plan to recommend it to everyone within my sphere of influence. Thank you, Brian, for reminding us that every follower of Jesus is called to put Jesus on display with love and power."

Jack Moraine, senior pastor, Vineyard Gilbert (Arizona); southwest regional leader, Vineyard USA

"This book resonates with the real-life story of a disciple of Jesus and practitioner of the Kingdom who lives in all the struggles and challenges of our frail humanity, yet who allows the triumph of the Gospel to shine through despite those often hard realities. Further, Brian is a practitioner who is always putting himself out there in the place of risk. Finally, it beckons every Christian to be a radical and risk-taking disciple of Jesus."

Dr. Derek Morphew, theological consultant, Vineyard Institute

"It seems every generation needs a clarion call to continue the empowered ministry of Jesus establishing the Kingdom of God on earth. For me and my generation, it came through the paradigm-shifting message and ministry of John Wimber. Brian Blount's new book echoes that clear call to this generation. Through clear and balanced teaching, moving testimonies, a very user-friendly model of ministry and Brian's heartfelt compassion, this book awakens a deep desire to live a life that looks like Jesus. It certainly did in my heart!"

Ed Piorek, author, The Father Loves You and Classic Vineyard

"More than just about anyone else I know, Brian Blount lives in the regular experience of the miraculous. His down-to-earth personality, accessible style of equipping, and inspiring testimonies open up walking in the power of the Spirit to so many--whether our first response is to find that idea exciting or intimidating. I love Putting Jesus on Display with Love and Power because it is filled with both the tools and the inspiration to live the as-you-go lifestyle that Brian so powerfully portrays!"

Putty Putman, senior executive pastor, The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois; author, Kingdom Impact

"It's the birthright of every believer to see the Kingdom advance through our heart and hands. My friend Brian Blount lives that reality. His partnership with Jesus is simple and beautiful. It's also powerful. But the best part is that it's available to everyone. This is an accessible, helpful book for ordinary believers seeking to release the power of the Kingdom wherever they go. Packed with remarkable stories, each page stirs hope, builds faith and puts Jesus on display!"

Alan Scott, pastor, Vineyard Anaheim

"Courageous faith is what this remarkable book is all about. It's difficult to describe the impact this book has had on me, other than to say that I long more than ever to pray for and minister to those who are suffering with a courageous, risk-taking, relentless faith in the goodness, greatness and power of God. If you read this book, and do so with an open heart and an inquiring mind, your faith in what God can do today will expand and deepen immeasurably. I highly recommend it."

Sam Storms, Bridgeway Church, Oklahoma City

"If you love reading adventure and faith, then this book that Brian Blount has penned is going to have you engaged and excited to be on the lookout. As usual, Brian is simply telling stories, and following a rich tradition, he makes God out to be the constant hero! If you're a pilgrim on a journey, this read will encourage you to pay attention to all the divine nudges."

Phil Strout, national director, Vineyard USA

"This is an important motivational book in the best sense. We seriously need to recover the risk-taking faith of reaching people daily with the compassionate love of Jesus in the supernatural power of His Spirit. Brian Blount conveys the heart, the mind and the practice of power evangelism. Grounded in a sound biblical theology of the Kingdom, this book illustrates each principle of power evangelism with inspiring stories of real-life happenings with Jesus, 'as you go, wherever you go.' This is a great read!"

Alexander Venter, pastor, Association of Vineyard Churches; international teacher; author, Doing Church and Doing Healing

"Brian Blount and his team were nothing short of amazing when they came to my concerts to help me love on the many rock-'n'-roll fans in attendance. Their nonjudgmental attitude was very encouraging and inspiring. God's Spirit moved in healings, prophetic words and the reality of God's existence, and love was displayed in a very tangible way. I wholeheartedly recommend Putting Jesus on Display with Love and Power because I've seen it in action at my concerts, and the impact was completely undeniable!"

Brian "Head" Welch, co-founder of the rock band Korn; author, Stronger, With My Eyes Wide Open and New York Times bestseller Save Me from Myself'

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  1. Brian Blount

    Brian Blount

    Brian Blount has spent the last twenty years equipping and training individuals, teams, and churches in healing, power evangelism, and prophetic ministry. He travels widely in the United States and internationally. He is a business owner and church planter....

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