Praying with Jane

31 Days through the Prayers of Jane Austen

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Daily Encouragement for Your Soul through the Prayers of Jane Austen

For more than two hundred years, Jane Austen and her novels have charmed readers from around the world. While much has been written about her fascinating life, less is known about Jane's spiritual side. In this beautiful 31-day devotional, Miss Austen's faith comes to life through her exquisite prayers, touching biographical anecdotes, and illuminating scenes from her novels. Each reading also includes a thematically appropriate Scripture and a prayer inspired by Jane's petitions.

May this journey into Jane Austen's life of faith and prayer ignite and deepen your own relationship with the Father who loves you.

Rachel Dodge teaches college English and Jane Austen classes, gives talks at libraries, teas, and Jane Austen groups, and is a writer for the popular Jane Austen's World blog. She makes her home in California with her husband, Robert, and their two young children


"This is the devotional I didn't know I was missing. Dodge connects stories from Austen's life and the pages of her novels to her prayers and Scripture in fresh and insightful ways. An inspiring and illuminating look at the life and faith of a beloved author."

Anne Bogel, author, I'd Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life

"Praying with Jane offers a fresh look at a familiar life. Ms. Dodge delivers a perfect blend of history and biography, revealing the true heart of Jane Austen through her handwritten prayers. Your own prayer life will be challenged and deepened as you daily study God's Word along with Jane."

Laura Boyle, Austentation: Regency Accessories

"Practical, edifying, and informative, this guide will appeal to Janeites, scholars, and spiritual directors alike. Its pages are full of fascinating biographical details from Jane Austen's life interwoven with the powerful words of her prayers and the beauty, truth, and goodness of Scripture."

Dr. Natasha Duquette, professor of English and author, Veiled Intent: Dissenting Women's Aesthetic Approach to Biblical Interpretation

"Praying with Jane is full of rich insights into the faith of one of our greatest English writers. It offers a window into her life and writings, as well as being a source of spiritual nourishment!"

Terry Glaspey, author, The Prayers of Jane Austen and 75 Masterpieces Every Christian Should Know

"In Praying with Jane, Dodge provides the reader with a way to examine the spiritual life of Jane Austen. The line-by-line encounter of each prayer makes Austen's prayers personal and relevant."

Amanda Jacobs, composer/playwright and artist educator

"Rachel Dodge reminds us that the real Jane Austen prayed daily, attended services, and read the Bible and sermons for enlightenment and amendment of life. Excerpts from Austen's novels and letters are thoughtfully interwoven with Jane's own prayers and Dodge's meditations on the biblical texts Austen knew well in this inspiring month of devotions."

Theresa M. Kenney, associate professor of English, University of Dallas

"Rachel Dodge draws rich meaning and practical application for modern readers from Jane Austen's beautifully written prayers. Includes compelling accounts of Jane's life and inspiring, heartfelt prayers to make your own. Praying with Jane is a wonderful devotional for anyone, and a perfect gift for an Austen fan. Highly recommended."

Julie Klassen, bestselling author, Tales from Ivy Hill

"Praying with Jane is a jewel! The author skillfully entwines Jane Austen's moving prayers with timeless Scriptures, wise insights, and delightful examples from Austen's novels. Enchanting gems from Jane's personal life only enhance these rich devotionals. This book is truly a treasure--the perfect gift for Austen fans and beyond!"

Judy Gordon Morrow, author, The Listening Heart: Hearing God in Prayer

"Rachel Dodge is not only a gifted writer, but through her thorough exploration of Jane Austen's surviving three prayers has given us a new insight into my favorite author's faith and how it guided her life and work. I will be purchasing this book for several close members of my family, who will cherish it as much as I do."

Victoire Gerkens Sanborn, creator, Jane Austen's World blog and literacy specialist

"Praying with Jane is for anyone who wants to model Jane Austen in her commitment to the Lord. Rachel Dodge has woven together a compelling combination of Austen's prayers, her novels, her life experiences, and Scripture to create an engaging experience readers will find hard to put down."

Debra White Smith, author/speaker, The Wesleyan Woman

"Whether you're familiar with Jane Austen or not, you'll be blessed by this intimate look at her prayers. Praying with Jane drew me closer to Jesus--thank you, Rachel Dodge!"

Joanna Weaver, author, Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World: Finding Intimacy With God in the Busyness of Life

"This spiritual guide draws its inspiration from Jane Austen's life and work as a committed Christian to lovely effect."

Laura Mooneyham White, John E. Weaver Professor of English, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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  1. Rachel Dodge

    Rachel Dodge

    Rachel Dodge teaches college English and Jane Austen classes, gives talks at libraries, teas, and Jane Austen groups, and is a writer for the popular Jane Austen's World blog. She is passionate about telling stories that bring God glory and about...

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