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First-of-Its-Kind Bible Combines the Full Text of GOD'S WORD with Thousands of Prayers

For those interested in centering their prayers on the foundation of Scripture, this Bible will be an encouraging companion to daily Bible reading and prayer. Bestselling author Kevin Johnson presents an approach to the power of biblical prayer by offering Scripture-specific prayers written to be read and prayed alongside the Scriptures that inspired them. Readers will pray with more confidence, learning to apply Scripture to their lives and pray words they know God will hear.

Ideal for anyone looking to grow closer to God through their prayers, Pray the Scriptures Bible includes these special features:

Pray the Scriptures Bible opens an avenue of conversation with God as he speaks to us through his Word, the Bible.


"I know firsthand that Kevin Johnson is biblically insightful and practical. Pray the Scriptures Bible will help you to pray deeply for yourself, your loved ones, and your world."--Josh McDowell, speaker; bestselling author of More Than a Carpenter

"I strongly recommend Pray the Scriptures Bible. It launches and guides your prayers with the highest-octane fuel and most precise compass in the world: the living Word of God. Read it. Do it. Your prayers and your world will never be the same."--Ken Sande, president, Peacemaker Ministries; author of The Peacemaker and Resolving Everyday Conflict

"Even seasoned students of the Bible need help to make the living Word come alive again. Pray the Scriptures Bible brings together two tough spiritual disciplines--Bible reading and prayer--in a way that breathes life to your soul. This is like rain on a parched field. Drink it in."--Bob Merritt, senior pastor, Eagle Brook Church; author of 7 Simple Choices for a Better Tomorrow

"For two decades Kevin Johnson's writings have led students and adults deeper into the heart of God. Now he shows us how to use Scripture as the ultimate prayer book. We love it. This is powerful spiritual inspiration."--Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, founders of; authors of Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts

"God has spoken and does speak in his Word. We respond in prayer. To listen without responding is rude, and to speak without listening is presumptuous. This tool will prove immensely in encouraging intimacy with God through hearing and responding."--D. Stuart Briscoe, minister-at-large, Elmbrook Church; founder, Telling the Truth

The Author

  1. Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson is the creator of the first-of-its-kind Pray the Scriptures Bible and the bestselling author or coauthor of more than fifty books and Bible products for adults, students, and children. His training includes an MDiv from Fuller Theological...

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