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Wisdom for Developing Character, Calling, and Competency

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Who are tomorrow's Christian leaders?
Christian churches and organizations will fill fifty thousand strategic ministry positions within the next five to ten years. But what will be required of these leaders, and who will prepare them?

If you are a new leader or find yourself with the unique opportunity to mentor an emerging leader, you know the high expectations and changing demands of ministry positions. In Mentoring Leaders Carson Pue offers trustworthy, substantial guidance to prepare you for service. He boldly addresses the spiritual aspects of Christian leadership development to help you strengthen your character, calling, and competency. With an accessible offering of insight and encouragement, Pue will help you sharpen your vision, shape your values, and share your leadership adventures.


"Carson Pue's Mentoring Leaders is not only the source of sound, practical help for mentoring future Christian leaders, but what stands out for me is that, unlike several other books on this topic I have seen, it is thoroughly biblical and theologically sound. It focuses on the character, calling, and spiritual development of the leader, not just his or her competence. I also like the fact that it is 'inclusive'--a much needed corrective in our chauvinistic world."--Archibald D. Hart, Ph.D., senior professor of psychology and dean emeritus, Graduate School of Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary

"We hear frequently of the dearth of younger leaders to take the helm, as well as the need for a different kind of leader to face the challenges before the church at the present time. In my estimation the Arrow Leadership Program, under the direction of Carson Pue, is providing a God-inspired response to these needs. I am impressed by their selection process, the design of the program, and the impact it has had on the lives of its graduates. Mentoring Leaders explains and illustrates the Arrow Leadership Program, making its insights available to the many who cannot apply to the program. It will provide a valuable resource for older leaders in their own mentoring of the next generation."--Eddie Gibbs

"After planting and pastoring a church filled with college and seminary students, and now leading a ministry committed to encouraging emerging leaders in missions and church planting, I can think of no more significant book for our time than Mentoring Leaders by Carson Pue.

"I had the privilege of being in the Arrow Leadership Program with Carson over a decade ago. His wit and wisdom were contagious! The intervening years have deepened him and strengthened his commitment to modeling Christ-like leadership and multiplying his influence through investing in young leaders.
This book is filled with truth that can ripple down the generations until Jesus comes. The information on self-awareness alone is worth more than you have paid to read it. It is a book that can change you. But better yet, God can use the insight and inspiration in these pages to change others through you! Can you think of anything better than that?"--Rich Stevenson, director, The Expansion Network

"The world today, and the Church in particular, face a crisis of leadership. This is why Carson Pue's new book is so important. Leaders are needed in all walks of life but few people have taken as much effort as Pue to think through the complex issue of mentoring the next generation. I heartily recommend this book"--Irving Hexham, Ph.D., professor of religious studies, University of Calgary

"Mentoring Leaders is one of the more insightful books on mentoring emerging leaders. Since intentional mentoring is the key, Carson's purposeful mentoring model makes a significant contribution."--Martin Sanders, founder and president, Global Leadership, Inc.

"Having helped launch Arrow Leadership several years back I must say Carson has taken it to another universe of experience that has birthed one of the best mentoring guides I have ever seen. If you are a leader, and if you desire to help develop other leaders for both today and tomorrow, this is a must read! The biblical principles unfolded by Carson, along with his vast experience, will prove to be a fantastic aid to your own growth and effectiveness, not to mention the growth of your colleagues, team, and those in whom you are able to invest. Carson will sharpen the arrow of your own life and leadership and help you make sure you are on target for leading a life worth sharing!"--Bob Reccord, president, North American Mission Board

"I read a sign outside a garden centre, 'the best time to plant a tree was 25 years ago, the second best time is today'. I wish I had read Carson's book 25 years ago when I started in the ministry, but thank God I read it today. It has planted so many sacred seeds into my mind and heart that can only produce good fruit."--J. John, director, the Philo Trust

"When we began the Arrow Leadership Program we quickly found that younger leaders above all were looking for a mentor. But it was not easy for them to find one. And many older leaders were reluctant, not sure they had much to offer. Now, drawing on his wide experience, Carson Pue points the way for leaders to connect in mentoring relationships that will help both younger and older leaders to develop their full potential for the Kingdom."--Leighton Ford, president, Leighton Ford Ministries

"If you have never had a mentor-but, always wanted one-get this book and read it word for word and cover to cover. A book can not be a mentor but this one comes from a mentor's heart with a mentor's style. Then use the book as a guide as you begin the exciting process of mentoring others."--Bobb Biehl, president,

"Carson Pue is a 'leader of leaders' and is passionate about their development. In his unique book, Mentoring Leaders, Carson focuses on the key building block to transformational development-the spiritual component. This book is a must read for every pastor, ministry specialist and emerging leader."--Steve Russo, best-selling author, They All Can't Be Right

"Carson Pue understands that developing men and women for leadership is more than passing on skill based information. In seeking to shape another person's heart, Carson, throughout these pages, gives you his own heart."--Graham Johnston, pastor, Subiaco Church, Perth, Western Australia; author, Preaching to a Postmodern World

"Carson Pue is one of the most thoughtful advocates of mentoring for Christian leaders. He does it well. And he has a pulse on what it takes to equip others for the task. Please read his book."--Susan Perlman, associate executive director, Jews for Jesus

"Read this slowly with a pen and journal at your side. The concepts are invigorating and practical, this is the best of instruction for leaders on the job."--Lorna Dueck, executive producer, Listen Up TV/Media Voice Generation

"Anything from Carson Pue is worth listening to. Which means anything written by Carson is worth reading."--James Emery White, Mecklenburg Community Church

"I've had only one regret knowing Carson Pue: that I don't know him better. And I've had only one disappointment spending time with him: that I couldn't spend more. Carson is a leader's leader and a mentor's mentor, and now--finally--he's captured on paper, available to all, his insights in both areas. This book unfolds like a season of long chats with a man of great grace and deep wisdom."--Mark Buchanan, author, The Holy Wild and The Rest of God

"What is your life's work? What has God specially called and gifted you to do? Mentoring Leaders will help you uncover God's best for your life and ministry, and enable you to mentor and challenge others as well. Drawing on years of mentoring work with well-known global leaders and emerging leaders alike, Carson Pue writes insightfully about the practical and spiritual matters that all Christian leaders need to consider. Carson anchors it all in the importance of a life of personal devotion and prayer, paired with a relentless desire to pursue God's vision and enhance the gifts He has invested in you."--Dave Toycen, president, World Vision Canada

"I know no one better prepared to think and write on the topic of mentoring than Carson Pue. Gladly I commend this book, because to Carson Pue mentoring has evangelistic impact. A mentored leader with a heart for the lost, will move thousands toward the kingdom."--Lon Allison, director, Billy Graham Center, Wheaton College

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  1. Carson Pue

    Carson Pue

    Carson Pue is president of Arrow Leadership Ministries, an international ministry founded by Leighton Ford committed to mentoring church leaders. An ordained Baptist minister, he has had a varied career in business, the pastorate, and parachurch ministry. He was...

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