Loving Your Man without Losing Your Mind

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No one can drive you up a wall like the one you love most

Most of us go into marriage blissfully unaware of just how hard it's going to be. After all, how could the man that you love most in the world end up being the one person who makes you want to scream? What is it about marriage that pushes us to our limits? Were our dreams of happily-ever-after just pipe dreams after all?

No! says Susie Davis. In this practical book, she shows you why the marriage of your dreams is worth the work and within your reach. With plenty of humor and Scripture-based insight, Susie covers the most common marriage conflicts--like communication problems, sex and romance, finances, children, and extended family--calling you to remember why you married your husband in the first place, and showing you how to love your man with an abundance of understanding and grace.

Susie Davis
is an author and a sought-after national speaker. Susie team teaches with her husband, Will, the senior pastor at Austin Christian Fellowship (founded by Will and Susie in 1993). Susie is the author of several books, including Parenting Your Teen and Loving It.

The Author

  1. Susie Davis

    Susie Davis

    Susie Davis is an author and a national speaker. She is a frequent platform speaker for Virtuous Reality Ministries, an event, resource and web-based ministry to girls ages eight to eighteen and their mothers. A sought-after speaker for other events such as...

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