Lose Your Life to Save It

Embracing the Paradox of Self-Serving Sacrifice

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Self-serving. It's a word that has zero positive connotations, especially among people of faith. Christians are supposed to be other-focused, even to the point of neglecting themselves in the process . . . right?

Pastor and provocateur Ryan Thomas wants to challenge that cliché and restore healthy self-interest to a respectable place in our vocabulary. He insightfully points out that throughout the Bible there are always three reasons for taking the right action, each intertwined and equally valid: love for others, love for God, and love for oneself.

With careful reasoning and equally careful Bible study, Thomas helps us discover that the potent, naturally occurring drive of self-interest--the desire to seek our own good and avoid our own harm--is a perfectly legitimate and spiritually acceptable motive after all. Once we start seeing self-interest as a God-given resource that can be harnessed for good, we find a whole new set of reasons for pushing ourselves further in the life of faith.

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  1. Ryan Thomas

    Ryan Thomas

    Ryan Thomas Holladay (writing as Ryan Thomas) grew up in California and was educated at Wheaton College (BA Philosophy), Union Theological Seminary (MA Theology), and NYU School of Law (JD). He then served as the lead pastor of Lower Manhattan Community...

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