Letters Across the Divide

Two Friends Explore Racism, Friendship, and Faith

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In this stirring book, two friends--a black minister and a white businessman--discuss candidly the hang-ups, stereotypes, and sins that inhibit interracial friendships. Some people may think that racism is no longer a problem in our society, but David Anderson and Brent Zuercher make an effective case for just the opposite: both black and white people still harbor wrong assumptions and resentments toward each other.

Believing that the church is called to a deeply felt reconciliation between the races, Anderson and Zuercher strive to understand each other. They hash out their differences, giving voice to feelings most of us have had but would never express out loud. The result is a book that provokes thought, arouses emotion, and ultimately spurs actions, stressing that the most effective way of dealing with the many facets of racial reconciliation is through real and connected friendships.



"Letters Across the Divide is well written, easy to follow and covers the key issues with insight and emotion. I especially liked the way the author and design of the book encourages the reader to jump around from chapter to chapter based upon the priority interests of the reader. This is not a topic that can be authentically written about without relationship at its center. This book is first about a relationship, and racial reconciliation is the
topic that is cementing a deeper friendship. I cannot imagine a better book to start a lifelong journey into a difficult but vital aspect of our communal and individual spiritual growth. It encourages honest conversation
rather than frustrated retreat. It gently convicts at the core rather than at a level of shallow political-correctness. It stirs the emotions and then creates a genuine will to change."
--Brad Smith, president, Leadership Network

"I've known, watched and experienced Dave Anderson's love for Christ applied to the touchy issues of reconciliation. If you want to be a part of the healing work of Christ, this book is a step in the right direction."
--Dr. Joseph M. Stowell, president, Moody Bible Institute

"Splendid. Convicting. Authentic. I believe this is one of the most important books on race to come along in a very long time--partly because it's so personal and conversational and practical--but mostly because it's deeper message isn't about race at all. It's about relationships and reconciliation and understanding. It's about learning how to celebrate the fullness of God's family in all its richness and diversity.

We speak of being one family--God's family--yet Sunday mornings are indeed among the most segregated hours of the week. Despite our good intentions to embrace diversity, we have much to learn about "walking the talk" and "bridging the divide." This book will help!"
--Rick Little, founder and president of the International YouthFoundation

The Authors

  1. David Anderson

    David Anderson

    David Andersonis the senior pastor of Bridgeway Community Church, a multicultural congregation located in Columbia, Maryland. He is president of a consulting and resource organization called the BridgeLeader Network and a professor of cultural diversity at the...

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  2. Brent Zuercher

    Brent Zuercher

    Brent Zuercher is a CPA and received his undergraduate degree from Southwest Baptist University and his master's degree from DePaul University. He lives in the Chicago suburbs.

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