Leadership That Works

Hope and Direction for Church and Parachurch Leaders in Today’s Complex World

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Church/Pastoral Leadership Book of the Year for 2000

Christianity Today

Pete Drucker has said that pastoring a large church is one of the three most difficult jobs in America today. Pastors are expected to be biblical scholars, business administrators, counselors, public speakers, fund-raisers, visionaries, plus have a personal life that is consistent with the values of the church. It is little wonder that thousands of church leaders wonder why they ever accepted leadership responsibilies and many quit.

As a nationally recognized authority on church and parachurch leadership, Anderson brings the help and hope that leaders need in today's complex world. Shedding light on the current challenges of leadership and on mistaken leadership myths goes a long way toward putting difficulties into proper perspective. Defining the changes required and the complex issues to be faced is a long step in the right direction toward twenty-first century leadership. In a "catalog culture" of multiple options, leading is perplexing and sometimes overwhelming, but Anderson's counsel is sound and practical.

The Author

  1. Leith Anderson

    Leith Anderson

    Leith Anderson is a graduate of Denver Seminary (M.Div.) and Fuller Theological Seminary (D.Min.). He has written twenty books and is known internationally as an author, speaker, and educator, consulting with leaders in denominations across the spectrum of...

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