Introducing the New Testament

A Historical, Literary, and Theological Survey

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Greetings! At Baker Academic’s Textbook eSources for Introducing the New Testament, you will find a wealth of study aids and other materials designed to help you in your New Testament course. For each chapter in Introducing the New Testament, this website provides an introductory video from Mark Allan Powell, a chapter summary, chapter objectives, study questions, maps from the text, bibliographies, a set of flash cards, and a self-quiz. Click on the chapter of your choice below to view all the materials available for that chapter. The flash cards and self-quizzes are also organized by themes, such as “Gospels,” so you can study larger units of the book. (Look below the chapter list, or click on “Themes” at the left.)

The extra Hyperlinks, which are noted in the textbook, are listed as a theme below the chapter list (or click on “Themes” at the left). All the Hyperlink sidebars are also collected in a single PDF, linked under “Assets” at the very bottom of this page.

Additionally, you may view all the bibliographies, maps, and sidebars from the text under “Themes.” There are 144 sidebars from the textbook on this website (including all the numbered boxes and one figure from Introducing the New Testament). There are 235 extra sidebar-style content items on this website, including extensive and up-to-date bibliographies for each chapter. The Hyperlinks include academically sound materials that may prove helpful for class projects, papers, or ministry settings (such as Sunday school classes, study groups, preaching, etc.).

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