Introducing the New Testament

A Historical, Literary, and Theological Survey

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Greetings! At Baker Academic’s Textbook eSources for Introducing the New Testament, you will find a number of items designed to help you use Introducing the New Testament in the classroom.

For each chapter in Introducing the New Testament, this web site provides a set of discussion prompts, pedagogical suggestions, and a PowerPoint outline. These are organized by chapter below. All the PowerPoint outlines are also available in one place under “Themes” below (or click on “Themes” on the left).

The extra Hyperlinks, which are noted in the textbook, are listed as a theme below the chapter list (or click on “Themes” at the left). All the hyperlink sidebars are also collected in a single PDF, linked under “Assets” at the very bottom of this page.

Additionally, you may view all the bibliographies, maps, and sidebars from the text under “Themes.” There are 144 sidebars from the textbook on this website (including all the numbered boxes and one figure from Introducing the New Testament). There are 235 extra sidebar-style content items on this website, including extensive and up-to-date bibliographies for each chapter.

The additional materials not included in the textbook (Hyperlinks) may prove helpful for your students as they work on class projects and papers and train for, or engage in, ministry. These additional materials provide deeper perspective on New Testament topics and serve as resources for professors who want to use the text in a graduate or seminary context. Also, there is a link to request a test bank for Introducing the New Testament on the left of this page.

Finally, you may want to peruse the materials we have designed for students to use. These study aids include chapter summaries, chapter objectives, study questions, flash cards, and self-quizzes, as well as new introductory videos from Mark Allan Powell for each chapter.

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