Human Being and Becoming

Living the Adventure of Life and Love

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Becoming fully human is a lifelong journey. It can also be an incredible adventure. Here internationally respected depth psychologist, spiritual guide, and personal transformation coach David Benner explores the mysteries of human being and becoming. Drawing on insights from science, philosophy, and forty years of experience integrating psychology and spirituality, he presents concrete steps for living in ways that move us toward wholeness. He also draws on mysticism, the perennial wisdom tradition, interfaith dialogue, and the contemplative Christian tradition, developing a robust spirituality that reveals how we can align ourselves with God's presence in the world.

Introduction: An Invitation to an Incredible Adventure
1. Being Human
2. Cosmic Interconnectedness
3. Meaning-Making
4. Mysteries of Personhood
5. Ego-Based Being
6. Heart-Based Becoming
7. Love at the Heart of Life
8. Living Wholeness
Epilogue: The Further Reaches of Wholeness


"David Benner is an adventurer and an explorer of geographical horizons and spiritual landscapes. Thank God he invites us to join him in the adventure, for the journey he describes is truly glorious!"

Ruth Haley Barton, founder and CEO, Transforming Center; author of Sacred Rhythms: Arranging Our Lives for Spiritual Transformation

"David Benner again offers winsome wisdom. His contribution and legacy will most certainly be taking concepts like being and becoming and not simplifying them, for they would then be less satisfying, but giving us insights and connections to create a beautiful elegance that helps us grasp them. I am heartened to see David take concepts like entanglement and interconnectedness in a quantum world and help us grasp, even as we gasp, at the increasingly permeable membrane between the seen and unseen, between hard scientists and soft mystics. Please read this. Please integrate this. Please pass this around. We will have a richer and more current Christian expression because of it: a Christianity that is truly becoming in a world that continues becoming and unfolding. Both the book and the author are gifts."

Ron Martoia, author of Transformational Architecture

"From his own adventures in the human journey, David Benner offers this exquisite and engaging mosaic to expand our awareness of being as vital interconnectedness and to compel us toward our destined wholeness through timely practices of receptivity, hospitality, and consent to love-guided living."

John Kiemele, founder and executive director, Selah Center, Woodway, Washington

The Author

  1. David G. Benner PhD

    David G. Benner PhD

    David G. Benner (PhD, York University; postdoctoral studies, Chicago Institute of Psychoanalysis) is an internationally known depth psychologist, author, spiritual guide, and personal transformation coach who lives in Toronto, Ontario. Benner has authored or...

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"This book would appeal to in-depth readers; whether lay, ministers, or students of theology and psychology."

Cheryl Adamscheck,

The Lamplighter