Holy Habits

10 Small Decisions That Lead to a Big Life

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Make an Impact That Echoes into Eternity

Many followers of Jesus have plans for family, finances, and career, but very few have a spiritual plan to grow closer to Jesus. We must be intentional in order to hear from God, grow in faith, and form good habits that lead to a meaningful life.

Going beyond the surface level, pastor Noah Herrin gives you ten tangible practices that will plunge you into the depths of a real relationship with Jesus. Simple but powerful, these ten small choices will lead to big changes, including

· rising in influence from the ashes of insecurity
· resting where you once were striving
· standing firm in faith when surrounded by struggles
· enjoying community instead of being alone

In just minutes a day, you can intentionally develop habits that shift your relationship with Jesus from duty to delight--and run with purpose in a world that wants you to wander.


"A moment with Jesus will set you free. Your habits with Jesus will keep you free. Noah Herrin is an emerging voice in the church with a timely message that I truly believe needs to be heard. I would highly recommend Holy Habits to anyone who is looking to grow in intimacy with Jesus Christ."

Jentezen Franklin, senior pastor, Free Chapel; New York Times bestselling author

"In a world of shallow, the next generation needs a voice of their own that's pointing them to the deep. In Holy Habits, Noah Herrin provides this generation with some practices they can spend a lifetime developing and deepening."

Carey Nieuwhof, founder, The Art of Leadership Academy; bestselling author, Didn't See It Coming

"In this amazing book, Noah Herrin gives ten practical habits that will make a giant positive impact on your life. Noah shows us how these changes are easy to implement but make a powerful impact! This book is a helpful read for anyone wanting more from Christianity."

Jonathan Pokluda, lead pastor, Harris Creek Baptist Church; podcast host, Becoming Something; bestselling author, Welcome to Adulting

"Holy Habits will help you run the race of life. Noah is committed to the long game of following Jesus faithfully, and he's created a practical and timely guidebook for putting the habits in place not only to run the race but to finish the race well."

Brad Lomenick, former president, Catalyst; author, H3 Leadership and The Catalyst Leader

"Transformational truth for every age. Our everyday decisions determine our intimacy with God. Noah challenges the reader not simply to read but also to practice the presence of God. Daily surrender creates a miraculous life of legacy. You will be so encouraged with every chapter. The impact of what he shares will last long after you finish reading!"

Rich Wilkerson Jr., pastor, VOUS Church, Miami, Florida

The Author

  1. Noah Herrin

    Noah Herrin

    Noah Herrin (noahherrin.org) is a pastor, a speaker, and the founder of The Gathering Conference. With a passion and gift of taking complex spiritual truths and making them into accessible, practical, everyday practices, he has become a trusted voice in the...

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