Holy Habits

10 Small Decisions That Lead to a Big Life

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Make an Impact That Echoes into Eternity

Many followers of Jesus have plans for family, finances, and career, but very few have a spiritual plan to grow closer to Jesus. We must be intentional in order to hear from God, grow in faith, and form good habits that lead to a meaningful life.

Going beyond the surface level, pastor Noah Herrin gives you ten tangible practices that will plunge you into the depths of a real relationship with Jesus. Simple but powerful, these ten small choices will lead to big changes, including

· rising in influence from the ashes of insecurity
· resting where you once were striving
· standing firm in faith when surrounded by struggles
· enjoying community instead of being alone

In just minutes a day, you can intentionally develop habits that shift your relationship with Jesus from duty to delight--and run with purpose in a world that wants you to wander.

The Author

  1. Noah Herrin

    Noah Herrin

    Noah Herrin (noahherrin.org) is a pastor, a speaker, and the founder of The Gathering Conference. With a passion and gift of taking complex spiritual truths and making them into accessible, practical, everyday practices, he has become a trusted voice in the...

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