Helping People through Grief

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Your next-door neighbor has miscarried her first baby. What will you say when you see her? Your mother calls to tell you your father has been diagnosed as having cancer. What do you say? Your daughter calls to tell you her husband has filed for divorce. What ? ?

Based on her own experience as a pastor's wife, in-depth research and interviews with Christian counselors and medical professionals, the author of Helping People Through Grief believes that though most people lack the skills to really help people in crisis, these skills can be learned. The book is designed to guide the reader in how to show care and concern--by what is said and done, by being sensitive to the process, and by knowing when to do what. Each chapter is based on true experiences, and caregivers are supplied with practical advice and insight, appropriate scripture for different needs, as well as a list of recommended books.


The Author

  1. Delores Kuenning

    Delores Kuenning

    Delores Kuenning has been a freelance writer for over 25 years. She also wrote professionally as director of public relations for a medical center in Illinois. The wife of a pastor and mother of four grown children, she has been very active in her church and is a...

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