Help, Lord! I'm Having a Senior Moment, Repackaged Edition

Notes to God on Growing Older

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Funny moments, poignant moments, moments we'd rather forget. Like it or not, senior moments happen. We might as well laugh about them and thank God for the way they add interest to our lives. After all, what would life be without the phone ringing faintly from inside the fridge?

Some senior moments are more heartbreaking or embarrassing than funny. But in every case, we can take them to the Lord who cares for us. Each of the ninety-plus short pieces in this encouraging book contains a note to God about a topic of special interest to those who still can't believe we qualify for a senior discount.

Readers will smile, laugh, and maybe even sigh and shed a tear as they recognize the unique frustrations and joys that come with getting older.

The Author

  1. Karen O'Connor
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    Karen O'Connor

    Karen O'Connor is the award-winning writer of more than 50 books. She is a popular speaker, instructor, and consultant who has appeared on many national and international television and radio programs, including The 700 Club. She has five children and...

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