Help! I Work with People

Getting Good at Influence, Leadership, and People Skills

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This is not a book about leadership theory. It's a handbook about how to connect with people.

We know that leadership and influence aren't limited to corner offices and business dinners. Leaders are found everywhere, from the PTA committee meeting to the retail storage room. Maybe you've been prepared to be "the boss" since elementary school, or maybe your good idea has opened a door for more responsibilities within your organization. Regardless of how you came into the position or how much experience you have, the idea of leading people can be intimidating for all of us.

· How do you know if you have what it takes to be a good leader?
· How do you use your influence to bring out the best in others?
· How do you create an environment where your team's shared vision can grow?

In short, research-packed chapters, Chad Veach answers these questions with his trademark transparency and relatable storytelling. Help! I Work with People highlights the importance of self-awareness, people skills, and effective organization, encouraging you to lean in to your potential regardless of your level influence or experience.

"As you lead yourself, you'll grow and evolve into an influential, effective leader. As you lead others, you'll bring out the best in them and invite them to join you in your mission. And as you lead teams, you'll motivate people to work together to accomplish common goals."

Because the heart of leadership is winning people over and influencing them for good.

Chad Veach is the founder and lead pastor of ZOE Church in Los Angeles, California, a dynamic church with multiple locations throughout the city. In addition to leading ZOE, he is an international speaker; the author of two books, Faith Forward Future and Unreasonable Hope; and the host of Leadership Lean In--a popular podcast specializing in organizational health, creativity, and leadership development. Chad and his wife, Julia, reside in Los Angeles with their four children, Georgia, Winston, Maverick, and Clive.

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    Chad Veach

    Chad Veach ( is the founder and lead pastor of Zoe Church, a dynamic community in the heart of Los Angeles, California, a dynamic community in the heart of Los Angeles. For the past 20 years he has dedicated his life to...

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