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Through the Breast Cancer Journey

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 The God Who Made You Will Never Fail You

On August 18, 1999, Mary J. Nelson's life changed forever. That day the Lord reached out His hand and gave her two choices. She could face breast cancer on her own. Or, she could trust God. "I took His hand and held on for dear life.... And then He sent me to tell you--you are not alone."

Wherever you are in your breast cancer journey, these meditations will speak to your heart. The short readings will encourage, support, and strengthen you as they point you toward God, His Word, and the healing He offers you. Come, experience God's grace and let His peace bring comfort to your soul.

The Author

  1. Mary J. Nelson

    Mary J. Nelson

    Mary J. Nelson is an author, speaker, and Associate Pastor of Prayer and Freedom Ministries at Hosanna! Church, a church of 7000 members in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. She has a passion for helping people encounter God and His goodness in the midst of trials and...

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